Christopher Nolan's New Movie Tenet Sets Cast As Filming Begins

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Christopher Nolan's new movie has an official title, Tenet, and has added more cast members as production begins. Nolan has become one of the biggest working directors thanks to his work on major tentpoles like The Dark Knight or original concepts like Inception and Interstellar. His name alone is enough to drive audiences to the theaters, and it was announced earlier this year that they'd get the chance to do so once again next summer. His new movie has been shrouded in secrecy for months as far as the plot is concerned, but the reported June start to production gave fans a rough idea of when news would arrive.

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The majority of the news for Nolan's new movie has come on the casting front, where BlacKkKlansman breakout John David Washington was cast in the lead role. His addition then kicked off a few other announcements, with Robert Pattinson set to co-star before becoming the next potential Batman, and Elizabeth Debicki joined as the female lead. In traditional Nolan fashion, details on their roles have been difficult to come by. That is still the case as of this writing, but the talented trio now has new castmates.

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As shared by Variety, Warner Bros. announced five new cast members that have been set for Nolan's next film, officially titled, Tenet. Aaron Taylor-Johnson has joined the cast to mark his first collaboration with the talented filmmaker, while Nolan vet Kenneth Branagh (Dunkirk) and Michael Caine - who has had a role in every Nolan film since Batman Begins - also joined. Clémence Poésy of the Harry Potter franchise and Dimple Kapadia will also appear. The premise of Tenet is described as an "action epic evolving from the world of international espionage."

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These new details for Tenet are welcomed after all of the secrecy and should only continue to increase excitement in Nolan's latest project. The cast is extremely promising, as Nolan has collected a great group of actors on the rise, a few veterans, and some that could breakout here. Even without knowing what roles they will all play, an espionage film in Nolan's hands sounds like an excellent pairing for this cast.

That said, the international espionage angle is likely just the beginning of what Tenet will become. There have been reports that the movie involves the space-time continuum in some form, so that would be a brand new wrinkle for Nolan to add. Since it is impossible to say how this will play out with the limited amount of information available on the actual plot, Pattinson previously described the script as "unreal," which certainly would line up with an espionage film involving the space-time continuum. If Nolan's work has taught us anything, though, it is to expect the unexpected, so Tenet is sure to surprise us as more information about it is revealed.

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Source: Variety

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