Rumor: Christopher Nolan Approached to Direct 'James Bond 24'

The influence of the James Bond franchise has been readily observable in the recent blockbusters directed by Christopher Nolan - be it the vast global canvas of Inception or the opening plane heist sequence in The Dark Knight Rises - and the filmmaker has expressed interest in putting his spin on the Ian Flemming's secret agent character multiple times in the past.

Fan demands for Nolan to direct the 24th Bond movie installment began to spread like wildfire over the Internet, once Skyfall director Sam Mendes revealed that he is passing on the opportunity. All in all, it comes as little to no shock that Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson are rumored to have approached Nolan about the directing job.

The Daily Mail is claiming that "informal talks" have begun between Nolan's reps and the people behind the Bond property, to have the filmmaker tackle Bond 24. However, the publication also points out that, in all likelihood, nothing will come of it (right away); that's because Nolan will begin shooting his next big-budget sci-fi project, Interstellar, this summer for a Fall 2014 release dates.

Similarly, the amount of time required for pre-production and filming on Bond 24 - which, combined, may be upwards of 18 months - would make it near-impossible for Nolan to both make Interstellar and meet MGM studio's demands for 007 (played again by Daniel Craig) to return to the big screen within the next three years. Nonetheless, as the Daily Mail's sources were keen to point out, there's no harm in planting the idea in Nolan's head for down the road. (See what I did there? Moving on...)

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Now, there's little need to make the argument that Nolan directing a Bond movie is a very good idea. Mendes has, in the past, openly admitted that the way Nolan used grand action-packed spectacle - in combination with a cathartic and relevant story - influenced his approach to making Skyfall (a critical hit that grossed $1 billion worldwide in theaters); that alone makes Nolan an appropriate fit for the Craig-era of Bond cinema.

As a counter-point: Skyfall feels the game-changing installment in the current run of Bond films (call it the Dark Knight or Empire Strikes Back of the series). Hence, some people might prefer it if the next two installments - both of which are going to feature Craig as 007 - were to take a different approach than Mendes' on Skyfall (maybe even closer to Martin Campbell's on Casino Royale), and Nolan might not be the best man for that job.

How about it - are you for or against Nolan directing a James Bond movie, sometime before Craig's run draws to a close? Sound off in the comments section.


Source: The Daily Mail

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