Christopher Nolan Explains Why 'Dark Knight Rises' Will Not Be In 3D

Christopher Nolan The Dark Knight Rises Batman 3 movie

Fans went into a frenzy yesterday when Christopher Nolan announced the official Batman 3 title, The Dark Knight Rises, which will neither be shot in 3D or converted during post-production.

Nolan has addressed the 3D revolution before and has not denied that stereoscopic presentation continues to improve as a means of formatting a film. So why exactly will The Dark Knight Rises be in plain 2D, then?

The answer from Nolan is not merely a tirade against the overuse of 3D technology in the cinema today, but is both professional in tone and has artistic merit (though, really, are you surprised?):

“We want the look and feel of the film to be faithful to what has come before in the first two films. There was a large canvas and operatic sweep to ‘The Dark Knight’ and we want to make a film that will carry on with that look and feel.”

Nolan's longtime director of photography, Wall Pfister, was talking about shooting the entirety of Batman 3 in the IMAX format several months ago. The Dark Knight featured a handful of IMAX-shot sequences (most notably, the Hong Kong scenes), which contributed in no small part to the epic feel and atmosphere of the film - and Nolan very much wants to expand on and recapture that.

Christopher Nolan Batman 3 The Dark Knight Rises

3D naturally darkens film stock, so filmmakers must adjust their lighting schemes accordingly during the actual production process - lest the final cut  turns out too muddled and dark for moviegoers to make out what is happening onscreen (The Last Airbender, we're looking at you). While director Ridley Scott plans to account for this issue when he shoots the Alien prequels, Nolan feels that The Dark Knight Rises would suffer from such a move.

Nolan's concerns stem in part from his feeling that there is an intimate nature to the 3D effect and that it would negatively affect the grandiose scale of Batman 3, which will, he says,"complete a story that has begun. This is not starting over, this is not rebooting. We're finishing something, and keeping a consistency with what's come before has real value."

The Dark Knight Rises Batman 3 movie Christopher Nolan

All of Nolan's studio productions have been shot in high-definition format and featured impressively dark yet crisp visuals. The quality and clarity of the cinematography in The Dark Knight Rises will be on a par with previous Nolan projects and should very much aid the filmmaker in his quest to make the third chapter in his Batman series "a great movie."

Filming on The Dark Knight Rises is expected to begin in either April or May of 2011, which will allow Nolan and Pfister time to work out the technical details and complications to the filmmaking process that IMAX cameras present. We'll get to see how it all pans out in the summer of 2012.

Source: L.A. Times

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