Christopher Nolan Talks 'Batman 3' Script

Christopher Nolan filming

Christopher Nolan's psychedelic drama, Inception is less than three weeks away but that doesn't mean the critically acclaimed director isn't looking toward his next project - Batman 3.

Nolan has been extremely tight-lipped regarding the future of the Batman franchise but now, with his work on Inception nearly finished, he is beginning to open up about Batman 3 - revealing that work on the script is definitely underway.

Nolan spoke with MTV News at a recent press junket, elaborating on the progress of the Batman 3 script - which is based on a story by Nolan and David Goyer (who is also working on the new Superman reboot):

"We know we're aiming for 2012 [as a release date]. That's been talked about. We're just working on the script, really. My brother [Jonah Nolan] has been hard at work on it for quite some time. It's based on a story that myself and David Goyer have written."

Check out the interview below, if you'd like to hear the words direct from Nolan himself:

As for the silent approach on Batman 3, Nolan reiterated his dedication to Inception:

"I've been very completely in this movie. In a couple of weeks, I'll surface and figure out what I'm doing next and how I'm going to approach it."

You can't really blame Nolan either, considering both the level of expectation going into Batman 3, as well as the logistical complications of losing both Ledger, the actor, and killing off Rachel, the character, in the previous Bat-installment.

Batman 3 filming tactics

Certainly several characters will return, Lucius, Alfred, and Lieutenant Gordan, (and possibly the Scarecrow) - however, a lot is going to hinge on what new characters join the franchise (as well as how these characters inform the story). So, it goes without saying, as a fan of his previous Batman films, I'm happy to hear that Nolan is going to allow the space and thought necessary to get it done right.

The director already confirmed that Joker will not make an appearance in the film, though I'd be surprised if there weren't a few nods to the impact the prince of crime had on Gotham City  - as well as at least a couple of super-villains scrambling to fill the "better class of criminal" the Joker proposed. In addition, sending Rachel off in a fiery explosion certainly opens the door for a new love interest and, if you ask me, it's likely that Batman 3 will re-introduce audiences to Gotham Gazette reporter, Vicki Vale.

batman 3 vicki vale

I know a lot of fans are hoping to see Catwoman, but I'd be surprised if Nolan will simply follow the same chronological progression laid down by Tim Burton - not to mention the fact that audiences are probably still getting over Halle Berry's interpretation of the character.

In the mean time, we've still got our eyes locked on San Diego Comic-Con with the hopes of a more detailed announcement, but it's definitely exciting to hear Nolan starting to open up about Batman 3.

Got any ideas as to what direction you'd like to see Nolan take Batman 3? What characters are you hoping to see brought to the screen?

Batman 3 has a tentative release date of July 20, 2012.

Source: MTV

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