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At last month's South by Southwest Film Festival, Christopher Mintz-Plasse told an audience that he expected Kick-Ass 2 to be "very, very dark." For those who have seen Kick-Ass already (see our review here), that news was a bit of a shock, especially considering how insanely violent the film already is. In a recent interview with io9, Mintz-Plasse expanded on his remarks and discussed some of Mark Millar's plans to make the second comic and the second movie even more extreme.

Please be advised that there are TONS of spoilers in the io9 interview and some in the following paragraphs as well, not to mention some NSFW language. If you don't want to know anything about Kick-Ass before you see it in theaters, STOP READING.

When asked about his character's ass-kicking potential, Mintz-Plasse was hopeful that Millar would turn him into something a bit more menacing for the sequel.

io9: Do you think you have this stigma attached to you now that you're this giant ass-kicker in the film, but in reality you don't fight that much? You'll have to really bring it in the sequel.

CMP: Everyone keeps asking me, "Dude, I can't wait to see you in this action movie," and I keep saying, "You're going to be a little let down."

io9: So now you have to kill someone in the sequel. Have you asked [the comic creator] Mark Millar to make you more of a bad-ass in the second comic series, or maybe even the second movie?

CMP: He [Mark Millar] already knows completely. I don't even have to tell him, he knows he's going to make the character really dark. Knock on wood — I want this film to do really well, so if there is a sequel, my character will be really dark. Hopefully I get to bulk up, force myself to go to the gym.

io9: What, pull a Taylor Lautner [in New Moon]?

CMP: Oh god, no. He got grossly ripped for that movie.

Mintz-Plasse also discussed how Red Mist will be undergoing a makeover for Kick-Ass 2 and that he might even have his own ridiculously named sidekick to help him.

io9: Mark Millar mentioned that he wants your sidekick in the next comic to be called The C**ts?

CMP: He wants something to be The C**ts, he wants the name The C**ts somewhere in the comic. And he wants to change my name to The Motherf***er. So I become very evil, which I'm game for. But who knows, because Mark talks, and we won't know until he puts it on paper, what he's going to do. He could come up with a totally genius new idea that we've never heard of.


Kick-Ass and Red Mist

To most of the movie-going world, Mintz-Plasse is known simply as the uber-nerd McLovin from Superbad. With Kick-Ass, I believe Mintz-Plasse has taken a strong step out of the shadows of that character and proven himself to be more than a one-note actor. Granted, he's still playing a nerd of sorts in Kick-Ass, but the character definitely has more depth, and, when the sequel comes around, I'm confident that Red Mist (or whatever he ends up being called) will be even better.

If you've seen Kick-Ass, what do you think of Mintz-Plasse's interview. How could you see his role becoming even darker for Kick-Ass 2?

Kick-Ass opens today in North America!

Source: io9

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