Christopher McQuarrie Doesn't Want To Make Star Wars or Superhero Film Now

Christopher McQuarrie Man of Steel 2

Christopher McQuarrie isn't interested in joining Star Wars or a superhero franchise anymore, and it's all thanks to the internet. McQuarrie has been a major force in Hollywood for the last two decades. After early pairings with Bryan Singer on Public Access and The Usual Suspects, he's become one of Tom Cruise's most frequent collaborators. He helped write ValkyrieEdge of Tomorrow and The Mummy for Cruise, but also directed him in Jack ReacherMission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, and again in the soon-to-be-released Mission: Impossible - Fallout.

With a string of hits, and another likely on the way with Fallout, fans have been excited for McQuarrie to possibly take on more major franchises. While he denied rumors he was involved with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, he's been open to the idea of joining DC. However, interest in both of these properties has vanished after he caught a glimpse at the vile tendency of fandom.

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Thanks to some interaction on Twitter with Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson, McQuarrie saw what it is like to interact with portions of the Star Wars fan base. The responses McQuarrie saw were so mean spirited that he isn't sure how Rian deals with it on a daily basis. Going a step further, though, he says he's been "cured" from ever wanting to be involved with Star Wars. Not only that, but his disinterest has spread to superhero films as well.

McQuarrie is one of Hollywood's most talented directors and to know he's no longer interested in these blockbusters, thanks to the internet, is troublesome. This issue extends beyond just McQuarrie, however, as other writers, directors, and even actors may feel the same way, which could result in great opportunities being passed up because of fear of harassment. Online abuse is a problem that has only continued to grow with Millie Bobby Brown and Kelly Marie Tran being just a few people to experience this recently.

It isn't like McQuarrie wasn't eyeing these films before either. He went as far as to say all Henry Cavill had to do was ask and he'd re-team with his Fallout star to direct Man of Steel 2. There were even rumors of him possibly being in contention for Green Lantern Corps. Tom Cruise has been on the wish list for Hal Jordan for a while, so the chance to work together again could've lured them both. But, if McQuarrie truly doesn't have interest in dealing with this level of fandom, then he could pass on this opportunity. So, unless something changes dramatically, don't expect to see McQuarrie's name on a Star Wars, MCU, DCEU, or even an X-Men movie in the future.

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