Christopher McQuarrie Photo Highlights the Women of Mission: Impossible 6

Christopher McQuarrie highlights the powerful women of Mission: Impossible 6 with an image featuring the female leads of the film.

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With the filming in full swing for the spy-thriller sequel Mission: Impossible 6, the director has posted an exclusive photo of the leading ladies on social media. Christopher McQuarrie (Jack Reacher) used twitter to show the actresses posing on set and looking pretty determined.

The Tom Cruise franchise has always made a point of having recognizable women in supporting roles. Mission Impossible had Emmanuelle Béart, Mission: Impossible 2 had Thandie Newton, Mission: Impossible 3 had Michelle Monaghan, and Ghost Protocol had Paula Patton. But 2015's Rogue Nation had the female equivalent of Cruise's Ethan Hunt with Rebecca Ferguson as Isla Faust, who was easily a match for his espionage and double-dealing skills. Ferguson was one of the best elements in the fifth film, and fans were eager to see if she would return in any further entries. When the casting announcements were finally made, not only was Ferguson confirmed for return, but would also be joined by Monaghan (reprising her role as Julia from part 3). Angela Bassett also joined the cast, as well as Vanessa Kirby (The Crown).

McQuarrie has highlighted the female leads in the film by posting an exclusive picture on Twitter of all four actors looking very serious on location. From left to right it shows Kirby, Bassett, Ferguson (as Faust), and Monaghan (as Julia). Not much can be read from the photo itself, but one social media user has noted the appearance of some scarring around Ferguson's neck, and stated that they hope that it's not a hint towards the fate of the character.


— ChristopherMcQuarrie (@chrismcquarrie) June 17, 2017

McQuarrie has predictably not responded to that particular query. Aside from conjecture, it's a nice way to acknowledge the strong female presence in the film (in comparison to the previous entries anyway), and all the women are certainly capable of portraying formidable characters in action-movies. It's worth noting that Sian Brooke (Sherlock) is also in the film but not present in this line-up. However little is known about the extent of her role at the moment.

Although series regular Jeremy Renner is not returning, the sequel does have Man of Steel Henry Cavill playing a major role in the story. The director has also previously stated that the film will be slightly more mature than the more recent entries, with less globe-trotting and no cute tone. Rumors have also circulated regarding some incredible action scenes (including a car chase in Paris), and one stunt that Cruise has been training for over the course of many months.

All in all, despite the release date still being over a year away, the strength of the cast and details so far appear to point toward another strong sequel in the franchise. It's also encouraging to see the return of several characters and the continuation of some previous plot strands (Hunt's relationship with Julia). It's also highly likely that a subtitle will be added at some point rather than it being just called part 6, but we probably won't see that for a while. In the meantime we'll continue to pass on any further details about the film.

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