Christopher McQuarrie Provides Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Update

Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in Edge Of Tomorrow

Christopher McQuarrie has provided an update on the sequel to Edge of Tomorrow. McQuarrie is known for directing some of the most impressive installments in the Mission: Impossible franchise - including the most recent entry, Mission: Impossible – Fallout - as well as writing some of Hollywood’s most iconic screenplays, such as the script for The Usual Suspects. McQuarrie was a writer on the mind-bending 2014 film Edge of Tomorrow, an ambitious mix of sci-fi and action focused on Tom Cruise’s Bill Cage, who found himself in a time loop while waging war against aliens. Edge of Tomorrow is a film that many fans have been demanding a sequel to for some time.

Plans for Edge of Tomorrow 2, currently titled Live Die Repeat and Repeat, were put into action by director Doug Liman in the summer of 2017, all thanks to the positive fan response that the film received upon release. The sequel’s first script was completed last October, but Emily Blunt, who starred alongside Cruise in the first film, claimed in a recent statement that the sequel is going through rewrites, and that there's “another [script] in the works.”

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The above statement indicates that while McQuarrie and others (like Liman) are still actively working on bringing Edge of Tomorrow 2 to life, there may be some major roadblocks ahead even once a new script is completed. Scheduling is the first issue to come to mind, particularly since there are so many big, in-demand names associated with the project. Trying to align the busy work schedules of Cruise, Blunt, McQuarrie, and Liman is no easy task.

Nonetheless, fans of Edge of Tomorrow shouldn’t fret. McQuarrie’s schedule appears rather open as of right now, thanks to the fact that the filmmaker is now out of the running for Bond 25, following the recent choice of Cary Fukunaga to helm the newest Bond film. McQuarrie is also deeply skeptical of returning to direct Mission: Impossible 7, meaning that he has no other significant franchises on his plate at the moment. This leaves ample amount of time for the filmmaker to try and push forward production of Edge of Tomorrow 2. Fans can now only sit, wait, and put their faith in McQuarrie that he can get the job done and help bring his Edge of Tomorrow sequel to life in the near future.

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