Mission: Impossible Director Would Make Alexander the Great Film

In an interaction with a fan on his Twitter account, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation director Christopher McQuarrie confirmed that he's still interested in making one of his passion projects: an Alexander the Great film.

McQuarrie has been an accomplished director and writer in Hollywood for over 20 years, winning an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for 1995's The Usual Suspects and working with Tom Cruise on major action projects like Rogue Nation, Jack Reacherand Edge of TomorrowDespite the success and respect he's gained in the industry, one of his major passion projects that has never gotten off the ground is a film based on the life of ancient warrior Alexander the Great. There's a long history with McQuarrie and this project that dates back to almost the beginning of his career, but his pursuing of this project has been sidelined by other steady jobs for now.

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When asked by a fan on his Twitter page about his interest in still making the film, however, McQuarrie confirmed that he would still be interested in telling the story if he was given the chance. In fact, when asked if he'd be willing to adapt his ambitious idea for streaming service Netflix in either film or extended series format, McQuarrie's answer was blunt and direct:

Make your Alexander the Great movie, Chris! Ideally for Netflix...

— Petr Hrubý (@petr_hruby) July 4, 2017

McQuarrie has been looking to try and make the Alexander the Great film by any means necessary since about 2000. As The Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer went on to direct X-Men, McQuarrie honed his passion project, but the project's ambition and scope became a tough sell for audiences. McQuarrie pictured the film with no real villain or romance element, more of a tactical character study about one of the youngest and most powerful individuals in history. With Oliver Stone's Alexander starring Colin Farrell flopping in 2004, any chance that a studio would take a chance on the project seemed to die.

Things have changed in the current landscape of film and television, however, as studios seem more willing to roll out higher budgets for riskier projects. Just this month, Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk will take an intense World War II drama and inflate it to IMAX screens. There is a market for an Alexander the Great story to appeal to audiences if it is of good quality and promoted well. If he was given the proper budget and studio support to make such a passion project, McQuarrie seems like the type of individual to make the most of the opportunity.

McQuarrie is currently a bit busy at the moment, as he's in the full swing of production on the untitled sixth film in the Mission: Impossible franchise, which is currently shooting in New Zealand.

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