Christopher Eccleston Hated G.I. Joe & Thor: The Dark World

Christopher Eccleston didn't enjoy his time co-starring in Thor: The Dark World or G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra. Eccleston is probably best known for his one season turn as The Doctor in the 2005 reboot of Doctor Who, but he's worked on a wide variety of projects throughout his career, jumping from stage to TV to cinema with ease. He rarely signs on for big-budget blockbusters, and he never seems to enjoy the experience when he does.

While G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra was a financial success, it received terrible reviews, with the next film Retaliation acting as a soft reboot that brought on a new cast. Eccleston played weapons dealer Destro, but despite the film's ending teasing his return, the character didn't reappear in the sequel. Thor: The Dark World is generally considered one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's weaker efforts, with a forgettable plot and weak villains. Eccleston played the main villain Malekith, a role that required at least 6 hours of make-up, which the actor found grueling. Director Alan Taylor later explained a few scenes exploring Malekith's backstory were cut.

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Now Eccleston has opened up about his time working on both films in a new interview with The Guardian, and he doesn't mince words. He did have a fun working on Gone In 60 Seconds with Nicolas Cage, but he's also dismissed his performance – and the movie – as 'terrible' in previous interviews.

“Working on something like GI Joe was horrendous. I just wanted to cut my throat every day. And Thor? Just a gun in your mouth. Gone in 60 Seconds was a good experience. Nic Cage is a gentleman and fantastic actor. But GI Joe and Thor were … I really paid for being a whore those times.”

Christopher Eccleston as Malekith in Thor 2

Eccleston isn't the only actor who regretted working on G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra. Lead actor Channing Tatum was made to take the movie as part of a three picture deal with Paramount and later confessed he hated the movie and knew from the beginning the script was bad. That's also the reason his character Duke is killed off in the first act of G.I. Joe: Retaliation.

Eccleston has drawn some controversy in the past for leaving Doctor Who after one season, and later for declining to make a cameo in the 50th anniversary special The Day Of The Doctor. While the actor has spoken positively of working with the cast and crew, he didn't seem to like the corporate environment surrounding the show. In The Guardian interview, he also explains he was essentially blacklist by the BBC for departing the show, which is part of the reason he went to America to work on movies like Thor: The Dark World in the first place.

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Source: The Guardian

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