Christie Brinkley Proves Her Arm Shattered to Wendy Williams With Photo Evidence

Christie Brinkley Dancing with the Stars

Model Christie Brinkley, who shattered her wrist and arm on Dancing with the Starsaddresses the haters - aka Wendy Williams - by posting photo evidence of x-rays of her shattered forearm and photos of her in the hospital to prove her wrist was in fact dislocated. She set the record straight with rumors going around that she pretended to hurt her arm to get her daughter on the show.

The Wendy Williams Show host told her audience that Chrisley had been replaced by her own daughter, Sailor Brinkley-Cook, after falling and breaking her arm during one of the last rehearsals. Williams aired the Good Morning America clip that they obtained of Brinkley falling, saying that the fall looked very fake. The video showed the 65-year-old model tripping over her partner’s foot during a turn which caused her to fall to the ground. The fall was very much real, as Brinkley had to undergo surgery for the multiple broken bones in which the surgeon had to insert a metal plate and screws to repair her shattered arm, and in the process had also dislocated her wrist and twisted her ankle. Williams, who is a longtime friend of Brinkley, told her audience that what she believed was a set up to get Brinkley’s daughter Sailor on the show, insinuating she faked her arm and wrist injuries.

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Christie responded to Williams' claims that she was faking the injuries, saying, "My message to Wendy is, it’s so much more fun to be kind." However, it seems that Christie still wanted to set the record straight after there are rumors swirling around, that started with Williams, that she faked her shattered arm. To prove her "haters" wrong, she posted a collection of pictures documenting her time in the hospital, proving that not only the injuries were real, but it was a very painful and hard thing to deal with. She captioned the pictures with a long message that is presumably aimed to Williams. The caption reads, "It goes against my better judgement to acknowledge haters and conspiracy theorists but because this involves my precious daughter I’m setting the record straight."  She continues to talk about how she feels it's "sad" that she lives in a world where lies are more interesting than the truth. She said because it was National Daughters' Day, she felt it was time to address the elephant in the room. She said, "I feel it’s the perfect opportunity to stand up for truth." See the full post below:

Christie praises her daughter, Sailor, for stepping in for her place on Dancing with the Stars, writing, "Thank you for being such an amazing daughter @sailorbrinkleycook for overcoming your fears to step in I’m so proud of you!" The photos show Christie with her bruised arm, the second photo shows the wrist shattered and misshapen, then photos of her wearing a hospital gown and in a hospital bed post-surgery. There is also a picture of her x-ray, proving that it was in fact shattered, with proof of the screws that were put in her wrist.

It seems that the rumors that Williams started affected Christie enough to set the record straight. The model was able to share her truth with tact and without pointing fingers, however, all of the followers know who the post was aimed toward.

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