Christian Slater is ‘Breaking In’ to Comedy For Fox; Replacing ‘Running Wilde’

Christian Slater is returning to television with Breaking In... Only this time, he’s going to be funny – we hope.

Shortly after the news that Fox would not be ordering any more episodes of Will Arnett's failed series Running Wilde, it was announced that the network would be picking up the Sony TV/Happy Madison produced comedy series.

If you're unfamiliar with Breaking In, here's the official synopsis from Fox:

Breaking In is an offbeat half-hour workplace comedy about a high-tech security firm that takes extreme - and often questionable - measures to sell their protection services. Created by Adam F. Goldberg ("Fanboys") and Seth Gordon ("Four Christmases" and the upcoming "Horrible Bosses"), the series centers on a team of uniquely skilled oddball geniuses hand-picked to work for a manipulative mastermind. Starring Christian Slater ("The Forgotten"), Bret Harrison ("Reaper") and Odette Yustman ("You Again").

While Running Wilde has not yet been officially canceled, the signs certainly point in that direction. With Fox picking up the new comedy series Breaking In, the network will most likely use it to replace the failed series - and pair it with the hit freshman comedy Raising Hope.

raising hope fox
Breaking In will team-up with Fox's comedy Raising Hope

Originally developed as a series for last season, Breaking In actually tested well with focus groups and received a lot of buzz. Unfortunately, the series didn’t make the cut.  Thankfully, instead of completely giving up on it, Fox came back a month later and order two additional scripts.

Each year, Christian Slater has been returning in a new series and each new series has subsequently been canceled. While The Forgotten certainly deserved it, his failed NBC drama My Worst Enemy was actually quite good. Unfortunately, it couldn’t pull in the ratings that it needed to succeed.

While it’s hard to tell if Breaking In will be any different, it does have Slater’s unflattering television history to overcome. Hopefully, this time, Slater has found a series that will solidify his return to television for longer than three months.

Let's hope what they say is true... Third time's a charm.


Breaking In premieres April 6, @9pm, on Fox



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Source: Deadline

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