Christian Slater Starring In New TV Pilot

For the past two years, Christian Slater has been jumping from series to series, unable to find a hit. Assuming the phrase "Third time's the charm," is true, Slater has been tapped to star in Adam Goldberg’s untitled comedy pilot for Fox with Trevor Moore (The Whitest Kids U'Know).

Slater’s character is described as “the charismatic renegade who runs the Titan Team, a gruff ex-military misanthrope with a checkered past” while Moore will be playing the team's “womanizing intelligence and reconnaissance head.”

The series, centered around a team of twenty-something geniuses who crack security systems, marks Slater's first TV pilot and his first time executive producing a series he's starring in.  My Own Worst Enemy went straight to series on NBC (no pilot), and in the case of The Forgotten, Slater was brought on to replace Rupert Penry-Jones in the lead role following the pilot.

While I may be in the minority, I really enjoyed My Own Worst Enemy. The series, even with its faults, had an interesting plot and helped put Christian Slater back on my radar (I realized that I've always enjoy his performances). Unfortunately, I have nothing positive to say about ABC’s The Forgotten as that series was dead on arrival. But hey, an actor’s gotta eat.

Hopefully the combination of Slater’s acting and Goldberg’s humor will prove a success. Here’s hoping it will be announced that Goldberg himself will be joining the series because I think it would help to seal the show's success.

What do you think of Christian Slater in another television show? Were you a fan of The Forgotten? (Really?) What do you think about a comedy based on cracking security systems?

If third time really is the charm, you will be able to see Christian Slater in the yet-untitled series this fall on Fox.

Source: Hollywood Reporter [via: Collider]

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