Test audiences rebelled against how Russell’s movie ends; we can’t imagine why…

Captain America: The Winter SoldierStar Trek Into Darkness Trailer Mashup

For Halloween: The Cat-Piloted Decoy Chewbacca

CONAN Highlight: Get out of crappy costume parties with the help of cutting-edge Air Force technology and a trio of kitties.

Arrow After Show – Season 2 Episode 4-5

NEXT PAGE: Top 10 worst casting decisions

Jurassic Park In Real Life – Movies In Real Life (Episode 6)

For our latest mission we drove a replica Jurassic Park Jeep through the streets of New York. Actors dressed like the characters from the film asked random New Yorkers for directions to Jurassic Park, eventually finding a T-Rex in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

Full Story.

Woody Allen Making Love: A Supercut

Throughout his storied career, Woody Allen and his characters have had sex with… Uh… we mean “made love” with many different people….

DC All Access – Ep 4 – Teen Titans Go!, Dan DiDio and Man of Steel Giveaway

Dan DiDio discusses Dark Knights and Detectives (as in comics!) in the latest episode of “DC All Access.” This week, you can enter to win a special Man of Steel prize package, watch some cosplayers bring Forever Evil #3 to life, and get an early look at Teen Titans Go!, Green Arrow, Trillium and the landmark 100th episode of MAD!

Top 10 Worst Movie Casting Choices

Sometimes, Hollywood gets it wrong.

That’s all for today, folks! Be sure to check back tomorrow for more movie-related geekery.

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