Chrissy Teigen Gets on Gordon Ramsay’s Bad Side After Unintentionally Throwing Shade

Chrissy Teigen and Gordon Ramsay

Chrissy Teigen gets on MasterChef star Gordon Ramsay’s bad side after she unintentionally threw shade at him online. The innocent comment has put her in a sticky situation with the intimidating celebrity chef.

Teigen hit the big time in modeling when she was Sport's Illustrated "rookie of the year" in 2010 and then again in 2014 when she appeared on the cover. After that, the model-turned-TV personality landed a gig as co-host alongside LL Cool J on Lip Sync Battle and then as a judge for Bring the Funny. Teigen is also well known for her cooking, releasing a cookbook in 2016 titled Cravings: Recipes for All of the Food You Want to Eat, which became a New York Times Bestseller. She then went on to release a second edition - Cravings: Hungry for More. Even though she's not a professional chef, the model and TV personality likes to cook, and has since cooked alongside many celebrity chefs and is in talks for her own Hulu cooking series.

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Teigen recently went to Twitter to ask fans which dish that they have never eaten "but probably should have by now." One follower replied that the dish she wanted to try is Beef Wellington, and blames the craving on Ramsay for having it as a staple on the show Hell's KitchenTiegen replied, "So easy to make and perfect." and then offered a recipe for Beef Wellington from celebrity chef Tyler Florence. Even though the follower mentioned Ramsay, Teigen didn't notice that this could be a subtle dig to RamsayThe unintentional snub was not overlooked by Ramsay, and he replied to the thread, saying, "Ouch. That stings."

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Once Teigen noticed that she had made a social faux-pas, she did her best to do damage control. She replied to Ramsay, saying, "I HAVENT MADE YOURS YET GORDON." Then she went on to offer a compromise, adding, "I will make yours this Christmas. We will switch every year between you and Tyler like divorced parents." However, it seemed the damage was already done. When a Twitter user jumped in and suggested that the two TV personalities join forces, Teigen expressed her concern with pairing up with the tirade-prone Ramsay. She replied, "No he’s gonna yell at me. I am too anxious!!" 

In spite of the fact that the world-famous British chef has a reputation of being hot-headed, he is surprisingly patient and calm with celebrity guests on his YouTube channel. He recently taught Lil Nas X how to make a perfect panini. Even though Teigen may have unintentionally thrown shade at the celebrity chef, it doesn't mean this won't open a door for the pair to make delicious food together in the future.

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