Chris Pratt in Talks for Sicario & Wind River Writer's New Movie

Chris Pratt finds a new potential action thriller franchise with Fast, an original story by Wind River writer and director Taylor Sheridan.

Chris Pratt is taking his star power to an original action thriller film, Fast, directed by Taylor Sheridan. Since joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Pratt has used his role as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy to become one of Hollywood's biggest names. He took on the lead role in the new Jurassic World trilogy and one of the major roles Antoine Fuqua's The Magnificent Seven remake. Outside of known properties, he also helped lead Passengers with Jennifer Lawrence, but the space thriller didn't quite live up to expectations.

Pratt has since been doubling down on his action leading roles, but has also hit some snags in doing so. He was supposed to have Cowboy Ninja Viking and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 coming up on his slate, but both have been delayed indefinitely. With an open schedule, he's looking to team up with the writer/director of Wind River.

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Variety reports Pratt is now in talks to star in Taylor Sheridan's Wind River follow-up movie. The movie has a working title of Fast and is described as an action thriller from Sheridan's mind. Pratt will play "a former special forces commando, who’s recruited by the DEA to lead a black ops strike team targeting drug dealers who are protected by the CIA." If everything goes as well as Warner Bros. and Sheridan hope, there already appears to be franchise potential.

Chris Pratt as Owen in Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Based on Sheridan's past work, this latest project sounds right up his alley. After writing both of the Sicario movies, Fast has plenty of similarities on paper. Pratt's character would essentially be akin to Emily Blunt's character in Sicario. That is not to say that the movie sounds a bit derivative of Sheridan's past work, but he's clearly sticking with what he knows. And based on the success all of his films have had, he's certainly carving out a nice space for himself in Hollywood as a go to guy for new action thrillers.

If Pratt's deal does close to star in Fast, it will make him the latest MCU star to work with Sheridan. Wind River starred two MCU heroes in Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen, while Hell or High Water included Jeff Bridges in support. Both of the Sicario movies also featured Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro. This is more happenstance of Marvel Studios working with and creating some of Hollywood's biggest stars than Sheridan specifically targeting MCU alums. Hopefully, this deal does come together and Fast continues to pick up steam while Pratt's schedule remains open.

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Source: Variety

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