Star-Lord: 20 Hilarious Chris Pratt Superhero Memes

Despite his questionable focus in Infinity War, Star-Lord is still a fan favourite hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Half-human and half-celestial, Peter Quill is a great character.

His blend of humour and heroism make Star-Lord a great cinematic hero.

Chris Pratt plays the character with great skill, bringing in his comedic timing from the series Parks and Recreation. The actor recently said that he would be up to take on the role again.

He's also dedicated to being Star-Lord, as he lost 60 pounds in six months before filming the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. It isn't easy being half-god. This was one of the biggest role for Pratt, which he has treated with a mix of sincerity and silliness.

However, when Star-Lord was unable to hold in his rage in Infinity War, fans turned on Pratt’s character and took out their frustrations by creating memes. His three Marvel movies, as well as Parks and Recreation, Jurassic World, and its sequel Fallen Kingdom gave even more ammunition to meme-creators.

To his credit, Chris Pratt embraces his roles to their fullest, and his sense of humour has made him a hit with all his fellow actors. Just watch any of his interviews and he's bound to show his rapport with his co-stars. It's almost like he was born to lead a team of ragtag misfits.

Here are the 20 Hilarious Chris Pratt Superhero Memes.

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Marvel has a Chris problem. The Avengers brought together Chris Hemsworth, the Australian actor who also balances humor and gravitas as Thor, and Chris Evans, who might literally be Captain America in real life. Then, Guardians of the Galaxy invited Chris Pratt to join the MCU's collection of Chrises.

Look out Chris Pine, you may next if the DCEU doesn't work out.

Just like Thanos bringing together the Infinity Stones, Marvel has enjoyed adding each Chris to their collection.

By all accounts, the three actors are genuinely funny and extremely talented. Chris Hemsworth's latest solo entry, Thor: Ragnarok, amped up the comedy for Thor, and Chris Evans' laugh is already internet famous.

The hilarious Chris Pratt is a natural fit.


Guardians of the Galaxy isn't Pratt's only outing as a protagonist in an action comedy role. After his success as the leader of the Guardians, Pratt voiced the everyman hero in The Lego Movie.

One movie is a superhero story of a band of misfits stopping an Infinity Stone from wiping out life on a planet, while the other involves stopping the use of craft glue. However, through the right lenses, the movies actually have a lot in common. Coincidence? We think not.

What this shows is that Chris Pratt is the everyman hero of the modern age.

Despite his phenomenal success, he's still as approachable and relatable as ever. He took both roles with enthusiasm, which has helped to make him the A-list star he is today.


It certainly looks like Star-Lord keeps his stories in the family. His debut in Guardians of the Galaxy put Peter Quill on the road to dealing with the loss of his mother, while the sequel forced him to deal with the true nature of his father.

The planetoid-entity Ego is a celestial that travelled the universe looking for meaning. We soon discover that Ego consumes his children in an attempt to connect with the entire galaxy.

After defeating his father in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Star-Lord immediately had to take on another family issue in Avengers: Infinity War.

This time, he came face to face with the adoptive father of the assassin Gamora, who he is in love with. Unfortunately for (half) the universe, Peter Quill couldn't keep his cool during the fight.


This might as well be the reaction of fans after Avengers: Infinity War. While Chris Pratt may be as popular as ever, Star-Lord's huge mistake in the latest movie soured fans and turned them against him.

Star-Lord's temper cost the Avengers the chance to take the Infinity Gauntlet. Out of the two wise-cracking Marvel heroes, Iron Man certainly held up better in Infinity War.

It was only five seconds-- Star-Lord couldn't keep his cool for five seconds.

Chris Pratt does a fantastic amount of outreach. He allegedly stole his costume from the set of the first Guardians movie for some hospital visits.

He also famously made a bet with Chris Evans over their favourite teams. The loser was forced to visit the children's ward of the winner's local hospital in full costume.


If there is anything that sets Guardians of the Galaxy movies apart in the MCU, it's the soundtrack. It's called the Awesome Mix for a reason, and they've introduced countless fans to Peter Quill's phenomenal playlists of classic tunes.

While the generic music in Marvel movies has come under fire, Guardians uses music to remind viewers of Quill's Terran origins.

The music roots his story and character in Earth's history in a simple way. Not only does it they help humanize Quill, but t also helps us understand why it can be difficult for him to relate to other creatures and the unfamiliar space-setting.

It's only in The Spinner's "Rubberband Man" intro in Infinity War that we see that Gamora may be a good dancer, despite what Drax may say.


It's tough being one of three MCU actors named Chris. Chris Pratt has to compete with Hemsworth's Thor and Evans' Cap, and his co-stars can easily get confused between the three.

Thankfully, family is supposed to stick with you through thick and thin. However, unfortunately for Pratt, he soon discovered that his own son favoured Captain America over Star-Lord.

Luckily for Pratt, his portrayal of Star-Lord has made him more than a few fans-- even if his own kid isn't on board just yet.

This isn't the only picture involving the actor looking on sadly as his son sports Captain America merchandise. His son seems to be a big fan of the other Chris.

It certainly isn't easy taking on the role of a less famous Marvel hero. Captain America made his first appearance more than thirty years before Star-Lord appeared in 1976's Marvel Preview #4.


With a title like Parks and Recreation, it's no surprise that Chris Pratt's previous role brought up raccoons more than once. Many Marvel fans who enjoyed the show like to point out the similarity between Andy Dwyer's oddball behaviour and Star-Lord's crazy shenanigans.

The image above comes from a scene where Andy Dwyer needs to break into a display case with a stuffed raccoon.

Another hilarious scene includes Ron Swanson, played by Nick Offerman, talking about child-hunting raccoons in the area. It's funny to see how Pratt's previous character reacted to raccoons, knowing that he would soon play a hero who worked with a talking raccoon.

The character of Rocket was inspired by the Beatles song "Rocky Raccoon". How a Earth-bound animal wound up as a genetic experiment in space creates a lot of questions.


After his success as a superhero, Chris Pratt went on to become the hero of another blockbuster franchise: Jurassic World.

As Owen Grady, the actor got to share the screen with his squad of trained raptors. One of the references in the movie was that the raptors were named after the terms from the NATO alphabet -- excluding from Blue

The raptors, of course, start from beta and move down, leaving Pratt as the alpha of the group.

Fans quickly created new versions the scene where he shows off his raptor wrangling skills, and the meme above is just one example.

If anything, Infinity War showed us that Star-Lord was not really the alpha of the Guardians, since his team instantly fawned over the muscular Thor.


The stakes in Infinity War were higher than in any other Marvel movie to date. Thanos, the Mad Titan, gathered the Infinity Stones in order to wipe out half of the universe.

When the Guardians met up with Doctor Strange, Iron Man, and Spider-Man, they were the best shot at stopping Thanos before he could gather enough Infinity Stones to truly become immortal.

Unfortunately, Star-Lord failed to keep his cool during the fight. While the Russos have pointed out that he was not the only character to blame for Thanos ultimately achieving his devastating snap, many fans have still laid the blame squarely on Star-Lord.

If we take an unbiased view, though, we can say that Star-Lord only ruined half of the universe-- including himself.


While Chris Pratt has certainly found the MCU fandom's negative response to his role in Infinity War frustrating, it's hard to ignore his popularity with co-stars. He seems to be as much fun in real life as his humorous roles suggest.

Chris Pratt's real world superpower must be his charisma.

Letitia Wright said, in a statement that kind of proves that Star-Lord is back in Avengers 4, that Pratt was a favorite co-star.

"Chris Pratt was genuinely a great person. He would like give me bible scriptures out of nowhere and then do a dance and leave. He’s great. I love Chris Pratt," Wright said.

He also engaged in great childish banter with his Passengers co-star Jennifer Lawrence. This video ends with both collapsing in laughter.


As the bleak closing credits rolled on Infinity War, fans immediately tried to lay the blame on any hero who dropped the ball. However, no superhero messed up more than Star-Lord.

In Infinity War, Mantis keeps Thanos asleep as Iron Man and Spider-Man try to pull the Infinity Gauntlet off of his huge arm, which provided fans with a new appreciation for Mantis and her incredible abilities.

Sadly for (half of) the universe, Star-Lord becomes enraged and attacks the vulnerable titan, waking him up.

Blame also needs to fall on a number of other heroes, though, as Star-Lord wasn't the only one who dropped the ball.

Thor went for vengeance rather than victory, as Thanos said he should have gone for the head. Iron Man's attempt to take on Thanos was probably premature and Doctor Strange could definitely could have been more communicative.

We'll have to wait for Avengers 4 to see how these mistakes will be undone.


This just raises a lot of questions. We know that, initially, Star-Lord was not exactly famous in the galaxy. Khorath the Pursuer has no idea who he is, and Rhomann Dey calls him Star-Prince at first.

It made a nice trajectory for the character across the two Guardians movies, and the team's confusing encounter with the other Avengers in Infinity War was a great call-back to these moments.

We can always count on knock off toys to give us a laugh.

Not only is this Star Wars figure calling itself Star-Lord, but adding "glorious" makes the character sound like a dictator. Which Star Wars character is this supposed to be? We have no idea.

Nothing about it makes any sense.


One of the longest living Marvel memes is the four panel Civil War meme. The cinematic showdown between Cap and Iron Man was great fodder for memes, but two years later we're looking for something new.

The MCU has used the comic books in a way that adapts some parts of the stories, borrows titles, and makes them fit with the story the MCU is telling.

Since Marvel comics already have Civil War II, fans might be wondering if the MCU might go there in the future.

Luckily for us, fans have already created countless memes to give us examples of what could spur the next war, such as a showdown over the greatness of Footloose.

However, given their Infinity War fates, Spider-Man and Star-Lord heroes might have a bit of trouble taking one another on.


In another mashup of his role in the MCU and Jurassic World, Star-Lord uses his connection with velociraptors to calm Loki down. We're not sure of the context for Tom Hiddleston's raptor impersonation, but we're glad it exists.

Both Chris Pratt and Tom Hiddleston have a good sense of humour and an apparent love of dancing.

A compilation dance-off between the two went viral a few years ago to prove it.

The two characters haven't shared any screen time in the MCU, which is a shame. It would have been great to see the roguish Star-Lord's meeting with the God of Mischief. Perhaps they could have had a dance-off in the MCU.


The wonderfully versatile Drake meme exactly captures Star-Lord's priorities in Infinity War.

While it may have infuriated fans, his reaction to learning about Gamora's fate does suit his character.

Star-Lord is driven by his search for a place to fit in and has suffered many losses. His origin is marked by the passing of his mother, and then in Guardians Vol. 2, he finally met his father and discovered that he was nothing like the man he'd wished for.

When he learns that his father was in fact responsible for his mother's fatal illness, Peter Quill unleashes the fury of a half-celestial on Ego.

The showdown ultimately costs him his surrogate father figure, Yondu, so perhaps his severe reaction to learning of Gamora's sacrifice was just one loss too many for Star-Lord.


Star-Lord's quick thinking and dance moves were all it took to buy some time to stop Ronan the Accuser. The dance-off was a hilarious and surprising way to handle the situation, as it replaced the typical superhero climax.

Dancing is actually a big part of Peter's identity. It's the first thing we see of Star-Lord, as we see him dancing to "Come and Get Your Love" by Redbone. It's also the way he and Drax discuss his relationship with Gamora.

Unfortunately, Star-Lord isn't the only Peter in Marvel's many movies who thinks he can dance.

Spider-Man 3's "dark" Peter Parker infamously does a terrible dance sequence in a jazz club. We doubt Star-Lord would approve of this Spidey's dance moves.

4 IF ONLY...

When we see Peter Quill handle the raw power of an Infinity Stone in the first Guardians movie, it was clear that his mother was right. In the sequel, we learned that Star-Lord's father is a celestial called Ego, which explains how Quill was able to handle the Power Stone.

In the sequel, we also get a taste of the raw power that a half-celestial has. While it becomes clear that not all of Ego's children share his power, Peter's godlike powers allow him to go toe-to-toe with his father during the movie's climax.

Unfortunately for Star-Lord, defeating his father means he loses access to the light, the power given to him as a son of a celestial.


Chris Pratt has faced his character's failure and tragic Infinity War fate with some good humour. He's joked around on social media about the reaction to Star-Lord, though subsequently he has also seriously asked fans to lay off the criticism.

Although many MCU fans blame him, he is still a fan-favourite character-- or pile of dust at the moment.

Since Letitia Wright gave away some behind-the-scenes secrets about Avengers 4, we know that this isn't the end for Star-Lord. Chris Pratt has also confirmed that he's on for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

This means that we might get to see Star-Lord make up for his lack of control. We can't wait to see how Star-Lord and the other Guardians who fell in Infinity War might fare in Avengers 4.


Part of Andy Dwyer's story in Parks and Recreation's season 4 and 5 is his attempt to pursue some dream jobs. Apart from rockstar, most of these are related to law enforcement.

In season 5, he takes his entrance exam for the police academy, but ultimately does not join up.

In a scene from season 5, Andy collapses on the flow, saying that he's going to have to become a robber because it's too hard to be a cop.

Shortly after this season, Chris Pratt went on to play the legendary outlaw (depending on who you ask) in Guardians of the Galaxy.

In a way, Andy Dwyer got his first wish, as one version of Star-Lord in the comics is a kind of an interplanetary policeman.

His role in Guardians similarly involved Pratt working very hard to get to his MCU physique. The parallels are uncanny.


Chris Pratt's transformation from the lovable fool Andy Dwyer to lovable rogue Peter Quill is truly impressive.

The Parks and Recreation character established Pratt's fandom long before he took the role for Guardians of the Galaxy. His less than sleek Parks and Rec physique may have cost him a role in the G. I. Joe movie, but luckily he was able to later become Star-Lord.

While a sense of humour can be seen in both roles, Pratt had to work very hard to get into his Guardians shape.

This meme actually reflects the transformation that Pratt says he went through between roles. Getting into shape totally changed his views about himself and the world.

"When you get in shape, the world around you becomes things you want to jump on and climb on," the actor told Esquire.


Can you think of any other Star-Lord/Chris Pratt memes that we need to see? Let us know in the comments!

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