Chris Pratt's Son's Favorite Superhero Is Spider-Man, Not Star-Lord

The 4-year-old son of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 star Chris Pratt apparently likes Spider-Man a lot better than Star-Lord. Although Pratt has built a solid reputation as an actor over the years on TV with Everwood, The O.C., and Parks and Recreation, he became a household name in 2014 with his irreverent take on the intergalactic outlaw anti-hero Star-Lord in the blockbuster MCU entry Guardians of the Galaxy. With his newfound fame, Pratt suddenly went from the big screen to toy shelves in the form of a Star-Lord action figure; but even that apparently hasn't been enough to win over one of his closest fans.

In an interview with Bollywood Helpline, Pratt says Jack – his son with his wife, actress Anna Faris – says Marvel icon Spider-Man is his favorite superhero, and not Star-Lord. Pratt says:

"He knows the first part of the film. I don't know if he thinks it is cool but he has seen the movies that I am in. He knows that I am Star-Lord. But as a matter of fact when I ask him 'who is your favorite superhero Star-Lord', he says 'no Spider-Man'. He just likes Spider-Man better."

Pondering why Jack might like Spider-Man better than Star-Lord, Pratt thinks it might all boil down to Star-Lord's lack of superpowers. He says:

"I don't know if he fully understands what makes Star-Lord great because Star-Lord doesn't really have any superpowers. Star-Lord can't fly or shoot webs out of his hand ... I think he (Jack) is more into super powers."

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One of Star-Lord's greatest human powers, however, is humor, and with any luck, the Guardian will get an opportunity to match wits with the webslinging jokester in Avengers: Infinity War. And while the third Avengers film promises to be more serious than the first two outings, Pratt's co-star Zoe Salanda says the Guardians will bring levity to the film. Plus, given the fact that Spider-Man (along with Ant-Man) brought Captain America: Civil War its greatest share of laughs, the table seems to be set for a showdown between Star-Lord and Spider-Man in Infinity War to talk some serious smack.

Shared screen time between Star-Lord and Spider-Man in Infinity War might not be quite enough for Pratt to win over his son's affections, but at the very least he can get Star-Lord on the boy's radar. The Web Head has a considerable head-start with most fans, especially when it comes to comic book movies. Star-Lord's star is on the rise now with two wildly popular Guardians of the Galaxy movies. He might be a long way from having the same level of popularity as Spider-Man, but the fact that he's even in the conversation is a testament to Pratt's portrayal, as his son will no doubt come to understand. Even if he still prefers Spider-Man.

Source: Bollywood Helpline

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