Chris Pratt Wants to Keep Making MCU Movies For a 'Very Long Time'

Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt is content with his position at Marvel Studios, and he doesn't want to see it end anytime soon. Pratt got his start in Hollywood by appearing on TV shows such as The WB's Everwood and NBC's Parks and Recreation, but it wasn't until he landed the lead role in James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy that his career really started to take off. Now, he's leading Universal's Jurassic World trilogy and his name is always being tossed around for the next big franchise.

Pratt reprised his Guardians role as Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, in Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 in 2017, and he's slated to appear in Anthony and Joe Russo's Avengers: Infinity War this summer, in which he and Guardians join the Earth's mightiest heroes in defending Earth and the rest of the galaxy from imminent destruction at the hands of the Mad Titan Thanos (Josh Brolin). Going from appearing on a half-hour sitcom to co-starring in one of the biggest blockbuster movies of all time within just a few years is no easy feat, so it's understandable that Pratt will want to continue working with Marvel for as long as he can. (Plus, he must be having quite a lot of fun as well).

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Marvel Studios released a cast photo yesterday commemorating the Marvel Cinematic Universe's 10th anniversary, of which Chris Pratt was a part of. He shared the photo on his Instagram last night, expressing his gratitude for being a part of the MCU and saying that he wants to continue working with Marvel for a "very long time." Take a look:

Ten years in the making! I’m humbled to be part of this #MarvelClassPicture and to have such a great role in the upcoming Avengers Infinity War. The movie, as you can tell from the trailer is going to be off the freakin’ chain. @marvel studios has not only changed my life and the lives of every person in this photo they have entertained millions, if not billions of people around the planet. I’m so thankful to everyone at Marvel for the opportunity of a lifetime. And to the fans for making each movie such an event. I hope to work for the studio for a very long time. I know they have many more stories to tell. I believe the best is yet to come. ?♥️

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It's not surprising that an actor leading a comic book film series is keen on staying with that series (and the studio) for many more years. Moreover, on some level, Pratt must feel indebted to them for launching his blockbuster career. As previously mentioned, Pratt is frequently considered for major roles even long before the casting process begins. For instance, he's been a favorite amongst certain fans to play Nathan Drake in Sony's Uncharted film (a role which has since gone to his Marvel co-star, Tom Holland).

At the moment, it's unclear how many films Pratt signed on for at Marvel, but with three down (including Infinity War), it's fair to assume that he has at least two more left on his contract, with one of those most certainly going towards appearing in James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which is due out in theaters in 2020. Regardless of how many films are left on his contract, though, Pratt has previously said that he fully intends on resigning his contract with the studio (as long as they'll have him).

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