Chris Pratt Shoots Down 'Indiana Jones' & 'Ghostbusters' Rumors

Chris Pratt Indiana Jones rumors

Since Parks and Recreation regular Chris Pratt made his blockbuster action movie lead debut as the brash space adventurer Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, and will soon play raptor tamer Owen Grady in Jurassic World, the actor seems like a perfect casting chance to take up Harrison Ford's mantle in the Indiana Jones movie that Disney is planning The project is still only in the very early stages, but already there have been rumors that Pratt is at the top of Steven Spielberg and Disney's list of potential leads.

This, of course, led to Pratt being quizzed on the subject in interviews, but while he has said that it would be an "awesome opportunity" to play Dr. Jones, he has yet to confirm that he's been approached by either Spielberg or anyone from Disney. Since Pratt is a very in-demand talent right now, there were also rumors several months ago that he was going to star in one of the upcoming Ghostbusters movies alongside Channing Tatum.

Pratt has now addressed both casting rumors in a GQ profile piece, which also includes anecdotes about Pratt getting naked at inappropriate times and sending photos of his poop to his friends, and is therefore well worth reading in full. In terms of Indiana Jones, Pratt said he has had one brief, casual conversation on the subject, which was translated thus by the interviewer:

"Someone high up at Disney did mention to him a while back that they were picking up the rights to Indiana Jones, to which Pratt commented that his action-adventure card was fairly full."

There is truth to the rumors of Disney's interest, then, but no formal offer has been made and Pratt hasn't responded with a definitive yes or no. This isn't too surprising, since Indiana Jones is still very early in its development and doesn't even have a story in place yet, let alone a script with which to bait the hook. Producer Kathleen Kennedy recently said that an Indiana Jones movie "will one day be made inside this company," but couldn't offer anything more concrete than that. Pratt also said that in all the time he worked with Spielberg on Jurassic World, the producer never mentioned Indiana Jones to him.

Chris Pratt talks Star Lord future

Pratt was a lot more firm on the subject of the Ghostbusters rumors, referring to them as "complete bulls**t" and saying that no one has ever spoken to him about it despite him meeting Tatum (who is producing the Ghostbusters movie as well as starring in it) several times. That movie is further along in development than Indiana Jones, so if Pratt was going to be made an offer then it's more likely that someone would have at least mentioned it to him already.

Even if he ends up not starring in Indiana Jones or the Ghostbusters movie, Pratt isn't wanting for roles. He still has two Guardians of the Galaxy sequels to look forward to, as well as Antoine Fuqua's remake of The Magnificent Seven. (And possibly the Cowboy Ninja Viking comic book adaptation, assuming it gets off the ground in the near future.)


Pratt can next be seen in Jurassic World, which releases in theaters on June 12th, 2015.

Source: GQ (via /Film)

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