Chris Pratt To Star in 'Cowboy Ninja Viking' [Updated]

Cowboy Ninja Viking Movie Chris Pratt

[UPDATE: Chris Pratt has confirmed he's attached to Cowboy Ninja Viking.]


It may have defied the odds, but Chris Pratt's rise to blockbuster, leading-man status seems impossible to be slowed, with Guardians of the Galaxy giving way to Jurassic World, and any number of starring roles (in addition to Guardians of the Galaxy 2) to choose from. Thankfully, it seems Pratt will be using his momentum to get another stalled comic book property off the ground: Cowboy Ninja Viking.

The Image Comics title created by writer A.J. Lieberman and artist Riley Rossmo starring a highly trained assassin - suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder - had previously been in the works at Disney, before Universal acquired the project. News has been silent for some time, but Collider now claims that their own sources confirm Pratt is attached to lead the film - and its... complicated cast.

UPDATE: Pratt has confirmed his involvement (via Twitter), while asking fans to nominate their choice to direct the Cowboy Ninja Viking comic book adaptation:

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