15 Crazy Secrets No One Knew About About Chris Pratt And Anna Faris' Marriage

Many think that because a couple is in the public eye, all aspects of their high-profile relationship must be common knowledge to the media and fans ... but that isn't always the case. Many celebs, especially the more private ones, have successfully kept aspects of their relationships out of the media.

Sometimes, we need to dig deeper to the possible hidden meaning behind their words. Or perhaps a celebrity's true feelings are revealed in a more private setting that flies under the social media radar.

It turns out, there are a lot of secrets behind Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' seemingly picture-perfect relationship a lot of us may have missed. Thankfully, not all of the untold secrets behind this relationship are sad ones.

From the unfortunately hopeful (and inevitably removed) chapters of Faris' memoir to Pratt's inadvertent role in the break-up, here are 15 Crazy Secrets No One Knew About Chris Pratt And Anna Faris' Marriage.

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Passengers (2016) - Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence
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15 There Were Rumors That Chris Cheated With Jennifer Lawrence

Passengers (2016) - Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence

Faris revealed on her podcast that agents tried to warn her about the media frenzy that was about to descend on her marriage when Pratt signed on to star with Jennifer Lawrence in Passengers.

Faris thought the inevitable rumors of her husband's infidelity would be easy to weather, they were no strangers to the public eye. But reality proved to be much more difficult.

When the rumors began to break, Lawrence reached out to Faris to make sure she was doing OK. While Faris appreciated Lawrence's gesture and held no ill will against her husband's co-star, she admitted that the rumors were hurtful anyway and worsened her natural insecurity.

Faris was faced with a similar situation earlier this year when Olivia Munn reached out to her to address rumors that she was dating Pratt following their divorce.

14 Chris Got Jealous Of Anna Having Love Scenes With Chris Evans

When Faris starred with America's Sweetheart, Chris Evans, in What's Your Number?, Pratt was adorably nervous about his wife sharing intimate scenes with the superhero hunk.

Faris revealed that he would occasionally bring up the scenes in a coy way, asking her when she was supposed to shoot them. However, Pratt didn't remain a nervous wreck for long.

After Pratt actually met Evans, Faris said the two took to each other like peas in a pod. The two actors became thick as thieves in no time, leaving Faris left in the lurch.

The actress said that she felt like she had to compete for attention from her own husband because he loved his new friend so much. Pratt must have been super excited when the Guardians finally joined the Infinity War.

13 Chris Inadvertently Broke Up Anna’s First Marriage

guardians of the galaxy chris pratt

Pratt was a perfect gentleman when he and Faris first met, but that didn't protect Faris' first marriage from his irresistible charms.

When Faris and Pratt met on the set of Take Me Home Tonight, Faris wished that Pratt would do just that. In her memoir, she revealed all the details of how she fell for her second husband.

According to the book, Faris and Pratt clicked for each other right away but she was already married.

Faris attempted to ignore her feelings for Pratt until co-star Topher Grace aired his negative opinion of her then-husband.

Fearing a loss of courage should she face her husband head-on, Faris broke up with her ex over the phone and immediately went to tell Pratt her big news.

12 Both Chris And Anna Preferred When He Was Overweight

Pratt made a big splash when he got into serious shape for his starring role in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy.

With his hilarious social media posts proclaiming himself "#blessed" and his self-professed love for all things food, fans rallied behind Pratt's new lifestyle.

However, a few people were still missing "Fat Pratt" was the actor himself... along with Faris. Pratt revealed that Faris loved to cook and that he couldn't eat what she made while trying to maintain his body.

He also joked that Faris was waiting it out for him to gain weight again, so she could prove that she had preferred him before the weight loss all along, giving her an edge over the girls who came out of the woodwork when he gained his six pack.

11 Chris Received Threats For Giving Away Anna’s Old Cat

No one wants to be that guy. The guy who says, "It's that smelly, old cat or it's me." Pratt wasn't that guy. However, because of the way he was raged against by an angry Twitter mob, he may as well have been.

When Faris' cat was in need of a new home, Pratt took to the social media platform to see if anyone was interested in a slightly used pet... and got threats.

Apparently, some followers felt that Pratt was being too flexible with his home search, citing how irresponsible it was to hand an animal over to an internet stranger.

Pratt addressed the backlash, saying that he and Faris wanted to start a family, so the cat had to go. He then promised fans that he had met the kitty's new owner and that she was a lovely (normal) lady.

10 Info About Their Marriage Was Removed From Anna’s Memoir

Faris began writing her memoir, Unqualified, while she and Pratt were still together. Pratt had promised his then-wife that he would write the foreword for her book.

By the time the memoir hit bookstore shelves, Pratt and Faris had reluctantly called it quits.

Pratt held good on his foreword promise, professing his undying admiration for Faris in spite of their unfortunate differences (and pointing out the ways they will always be the same).

However, what was missing was a sad chapter outlining Faris' faith in her marriage.

In the omitted pages, Faris spoke about freezing her eggs in order to have more children with Pratt in the future and a breakdown of how the couple stayed close when one of them was traveling for work.

9 Anna Hinted That Chris Didn’t Appreciate Her Enough

Faris has positively gushed about Pratt's romantic sensibilities. He braided her hair, he wrote her letters from hotel rooms he was staying in, and he sent her flowers every week.

On the surface, Pratt sounded like a real dreamboat, but fans of Faris' podcast, Anna Faris is Unqualified, dug deep into an episode following her shocking split and discovered what seemed to be a secret truth.

Two weeks after announcing their separation, Faris responded to a fan question about Faris and Pratt's relationship in a way that shed new light on the couple.

Faris told the caller that she had realized her value and worth, leading her to believe it wasn't worth it to stay in a relationship with someone who didn't have her back. Faris recommended that her listeners do the same.

8 Chris Said He Wanted To Marry Faris The Day They Met

Anna Faris Chris Pratt in Mom CBS

All the gossip surrounding Pratt and Faris has turned to speculation of cheating and bitter feelings following their divorce.

However, when the couple was still in full swing, all anybody could talk about how was utterly perfect they were for each other.

It turns out that Pratt once thought that way too-- and it didn't take him very long to come to that popular conclusion.

When the couple got engaged a year after meeting, Pratt said he had actually known he wanted to marry Faris the day they met. However, Pratt realized how weird it would have been to reveal his grand relationship plans to Faris the day they met and wisely held off.

Once the secret was out, Pratt had no problem jumping the gun and wore a wedding band as an engagement ring before eloping with Faris.

7 Anna Had Body Image Issues

Anna Faris in Keanu

Faris never blamed Hollywood for her struggles with her body. She never blamed Prat either. Faris was adamant that Pratt had never made her feel insecure for what she believed to be her thin lips and small bosom.

In fact, she said that he had always made her feel like he loved her for who she was. However, in spite of Pratt's support, Faris struggled with her body image and wanted to be curvier for herself and for Pratt.

Faris got implants and had lip injections done to make her mouth look fuller. While she has never regretted her decisions to get implants, she admitted that she had gone overboard with the lip injections.

After friends started pointed out how bad things were getting, she weaned herself off the injections.

6 People Would Hit On Anna In Front Of Chris

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt in Mom

He may be one of the biggest stars in the galaxy, but just a few short years ago, Faris' career far outshone Pratt's.

Add to that Pratt's history of playing big, dumb lugs onscreen and his former physique, and a lot of guys got the notion they could score with his wife right in front of him.

Pratt recalled his life pre-Marvel and revealed how awkward it was to watch Hollywood actors hit on his wife while he was standing nearby.

Pratt remembered exactly who these offenders were and took solace in his newfound fame and joked that he hoped these brazen men would audition for a Guardians of the Galaxy movie someday.

Pratt also called out a few anonymous executives, saying the way he is treated in Hollywood has changed post-fame.

5 Their Dog Was Abandoned

Pratt and Faris have not had a very good track record with the fuzzy animals in their life. In 2011, Pratt received backlash from social media followers for his attempts to find a home for Faris' old cat over Twitter.

Just five years later, Pratt and Faris were in trouble for their treatment of animals once again, this time for their neglectful treatment of Anna's rescue pup.

Faris' chihuahua was found wandering around the streets of Los Angeles after the couple had rescued him from a local animal shelter.

Faris said that the dog had already been given away at the time he was found neglected, but she had previously promised the animal shelter that they would be contacted should she ever decide to give the animal up, a promise she failed to follow through on.

4 They Had A Secret Language

Faris and Pratt were so close during their relationship that it was super simple for them to get on the same page, at least before things started to unravel, anyway.

Because of their similar personalities and way of thinking, the pair were able to come up with an efficient, secret, way of speaking that only they could understand.

Faris revealed that any time she and Pratt started to feel overwhelmed by the world around them, they would send each other a specific emoji that meant they need to take a vacation and unplug from their busy lives.

That sense of adventure was a recurring theme with Pratt and Faris' relationship. The two chose to elope when they married, but they made sure to have a big party at home so family and friends could get in on the celebration.

3 The Couple Fought Over Anna’s New Boyfriend

Faris and Pratt have been quite civil in their divorce proceedings, with a lack of bitter reports and rumors, for the most part.

There have been very few news reports claiming bitter feeling or brutal fights over custody and the normal divorce fallout. However, one insider said things had begun to become rocky for the formal couple, and it had a lot to do with their young son, Jack.

According to the insider, Faris got close to her new boyfriend at a rapid pace. The insider claimed that Pratt was uncomfortable with Faris' new beau spending too much time with their son and the quick blending of Faris' family with her new boyfriend's.

The insider claimed that Pratt and Faris had begun to argue over how much time Faris' new man should be spending with Jack so soon into her new relationship.

2 He Bought Her A New Engagement Ring Before They Broke Up

Just a few short months before Pratt and Faris would announce their shocking separation on his Facebook page, Faris was spotted sporting a brand new engagement ring... and it was a doozy. F

aris revealed the ring on the red carpet, noting that she couldn't believe how lucky she was and calling Pratt a total romantic.

The ring had a sentimental quality, being of the same shape as Faris' original engagement ring. However, Pratt made sure to include updated trends and a much better center gem.

The center stone was approximately six carats, giving the ring an estimated $250,000 value. The actor joked that he and his wife were still on equal footing despite the sparkly gift, as she had bought him his very own tractor.

1 Reports Claimed They Divorced Because Chris Traveled Too Much

Neither Faris nor Pratt has ever officially given their reason for calling it quits on their relationship.

Every official response given by the couple has only been to say that they still care for each other and that they love their son, Jack.

The couple has a right to that privacy, but, that didn't stop insiders from leaking reports and attempting to pinpoint the reason for the shocking split, anyway.

According to multiple reports from anonymous sources, the couple was drawn apart by their very different life goals.

The insiders claimed that Faris wanted Pratt to stay home with her and Jack more and that she wanted more kids. The sources said that Pratt had put those things on the backburner to focus on his growing career.


Can you think of any other interesting facts about Anna Faris and Chris Pratt's relationship? Sound off in the comments!

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