Chris Pine To Join DC Movie Universe as 'Wonder Woman's Steve Trevor

Chris Pine Wonder Woman Movie

It seems DC Comics fans may be one step closer to finally learning not whether Chris Pine (Star Trek) will be joining Zack Snyder's Justice League universe, but in what role. After being rumored for the part of Green Lantern Hal Jordan before Ryan Reynolds eventually landed the part, it had seemed possible that Warner Bros. was revisiting the idea, potentially shaping a new Green Lantern film series with Pine at its center.

Put those fan theories and hopes on hold, as a new report claims that Pine has signed on for Wonder Woman instead, agreeing to appear in multiple films as longtime Diana love interest (and League liaison) Steve Trevor.

This new update (courtesy of TheWrap) may not come as a total shock to those already viewing every superhero rumor with healthy skepticism. The earliest rumors of Pine being eyed for a Hal Jordan do-over were left unresolved, with no further evidence offered as other DC films moved forward.

When word broke that Pine was instead being sought to star opposite Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman - a much less demanding, high-pressure, and creatively flexible role - we were hopeful, seeing the part of Steve Trevor as a chance to put the actor's many talents to use, and allowing the role to grow if successful (without resting another franchise on his shoulders).

Wonder Woman Movie Chris Pine Gal Gadot

A more recent update claiming that the Steve Trevor talks were merely misinformation - and it was actually Hal Jordan Pine was sought to play - has apparently proved fruitless, especially following WB's Comic-Con reveal that they will be turning to multiple leads for their new Green Lantern Corps franchise. As promising as that may be for comic fans, it seems Pine has decided that a supporting role under director Patty Jenkins is the way to go.

There's no doubt that fewer casual comic fans will be familiar with Colonel Steve Trevor. But the assumption that this casting means Pine won't play an important role in the DCEU is impossible to make, considering the range of duties and skills Trevor has been shown to have. For starters, being expected to leap into combat and command troops supporting the Amazonian star of the film is no small feat. But as one of ARGUS's most reliable field agents, modern takes on Trevor have sidelined romance almost entirely.

It's complete speculation on our part, since Patty Jenkins' vision for a Wonder Woman film is still taking shape. However, knowing just how much connective tissue exists between Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad, it would be in keeping with the comic book canon to have he and Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) share the screen, acting as a go-between for the governments of the world and the god-like Justice League. In some comics, Trevor has gone on to lead a homefront-focused Justice League of America, or the group known as Team 7 (including the likes of Black Canary, Deathstroke, and more).

Steve Trevor DC Comics Justice League Team

If that's the plan, then Pine seems a more proven talent than the other actors previously considered for the part (and we may finally remove 'Steve Trevor' from the roles Scott Eastwood is apparently playing). In other words, fans shouldn't expect that Pine's role will be an inconsequential one, just because he won't be headlining his own film in DC's integrated movie universe. We assume Warner Bros. has bigger plans for Amanda Waller, and a man like Steve Trevor could easily be brought to her side.

We'll keep you updated once more official details are released, but for now, are you happy to see Pine land a role with a bit more flexibility in DC's growing universe, or was he your ideal star for a new Green Lantern series? Sound off in the comments.


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theaters on March 25th, 2016; Suicide Squad on August 5th, 2016; Wonder Woman - June 23rd, 2017; Justice League - November 17th, 2017; The Flash - March 23rd, 2018; Aquaman - July 27th, 2018; Shazam - April 5th, 2019; Justice League 2 - June 14th, 2019; Cyborg - April 3rd, 2020; Green Lantern - June 19th, 2020.

Source: TheWrap

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