Captain Kirk May Be The Green Lantern

It was just a few hours ago when Screen Rant reported on the production start-date for Green Lantern which is set to begin shooting this fall. In that article, our writer Kofi mentioned that Warner Bros. has to quickly make a move on casting its title character for the movie.

Well, in a timely fashion, Warner Brothers has responded (not to us but I like to think that) and they just may have found their Hal Jordan in Captain Kirk… well the new Captain Kirk… Chris Pine that is!

IESB received some inside information from one of their reliable sources at Warner Bros. and it seems that they have a short list made for the lead role in Green Lantern - and Chris Pine is at the top. Some other names that were thrown out were Nathan Fillion, John Hamm and Sam Worthington but WB’s ideal candidate is someone under 30.

Thinking about those other three names, I think I could see them all in the role. Nathan Fillion is a superstar in my mind and I’d love to see him as the lead in big budget super hero film but unfortunately his age may not be what WB is looking for.

If this comes to be, I for one am completely in support of this casting choice – An infinitely better choice than the previous rumor of that other Star Trek actor, Anton Yelchin playing the role. That guy has the Terminator Salvation franchise to play with as Kyle Reese anyway (with Christian Bale as John Connor - who just happens to play that other DC hero Batman – and we’ve come full circle!).

Talk about getting your breakout role. It looks like Pine may become one of the next major geek icons, possibly playing the lead character in two potentially massive franchises as iconic heroic characters.

Do you think Chris Pine fits the bill to play Hal Jordan?

Green Lantern is scheduled to open December 17, 2010.

Source: IESB

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