Chris Nolan's Batman still looking good

Newsweek has done a set report for the upcoming Batman film, and from the sound of it so far, this one will erase the sins of the Shumaker series.

Some quotes from the article:

"As a boy, Bruce Wayne sees his parents murdered before his eyes and dedicates his life to avenging them. But how, and why, does he become Batman? Where do the suit and cape come from? (Burton's film glossed over these questions.) Or, as Nolan puts it, 'How did this guy who has no superpowers acquire all of these capabilities? He lives in the real world?it's sort of New York on steroids, but it's our world.'"

That is VERY cool. One of the things that really bugged my about Spiderman was the sudden appearance of the costume with no explanation. Peter Parker was broke, so how did he come up with that costume? Sure, he was a scientific wiz, but come on.

"Nolan pored over 65 years of comics..."

Always a good sign for fanboys. :-)

"In contrast to the gothic fantasia of Burton's creation, Nolan has opted for gritty urban realism."

This, I like. Batman is a character that works in a real world setting due to the fact that he's just a regular guy with no superpowers.

"In the movie, the suit is translucent at first: it's a futuristic military design complete with body armor and muscle-recovery devices. Wayne sprays it black to camouflage it. 'Chris wanted a serious, matte finish?not shiny or gloopy,' says costume designer Lindy Hemming. 'We didn't want to depart from the classic silhouette, but we also didn't want to go too much in the homoerotic direction.'"

I'm not sure about yet another latex suit, but at least there are no stinkin' bat-nipples on this costume, baby. :-)

Source: Newsweek

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