Nolan Bros. Directing Superman Reboot & Justice League?

Rumor Patrol is still on the case of these DC/Warner Bros. movies!

My fingers are getting worn out from typing (updating and re-updating) every new rumor that pops up on the DC movie front. I started the week innocently writing about how the Superman reboot should be done - and lo and behold this whole deal about The Dark Knight team - David Goyer, Chris and Jonathan Nolan - handling the Superman reboot hits the fan!

While the facts about Man of Steel were still being sorted out, another rumor drops that DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are eyeing a director for The Flash! Remember when it was all so simple a month ago? Batman 3 and Green Lantern were the only two DC Comics movies we had to worry about - now a whole DC movie universe seems to be springing up around us...

Our friends over at IESB have plotted the course of this new DC Universe and may have charted its final destination: that long-stalled Justice League movie that so many people would love to see. But who would helm such a monster project? Why, Chris Nolan of course!

And if the Nolan/DC dynasty wasn't big enough already, add to the rumor pile this claim that Chris Nolan is consulting on the Superman reboot primarily because his oversight will make DCE/WB feel more comfortable about putting his brother (Batman Begins and Dark Knight co-writer) Jonathan Nolan in the director's chair of Man of Steel. Jonathan Nolan has collaborated with this brother on just about every project with Chris' name on it (co-writing a lot of it), so you know that skill is there.

Christopher Nolan on Superman reboot - Man of Steel

Now, IESB is real quick to point out that this Nolan/Justice League rumor is but one of many that our old buddy, former Screen Rant writer Jamie Williams, is hearing as of late. Jamie wisely states that while he might hear a lot of things, he can't (and shouldn't) go running around spouting every one. That would be so second grade.

So why is this particular rumor coming at us now? Well, in a week where the improbable has become the likely, no rumor is really too crazy - especially one that involves DCE/WB tucking more and more of their cinematic universe safely under the wing of people like Goyer and the Nolans - the same guys who have brought big $miles to both comic book movie  suits and fans alike over the last few years.

justice league movie dc movie universe continutiy superman zack snyder

Do I really have to say it? Of course it would be awesome to have Chris Nolan directing Justice League - but that happening entails a lot of good fortune (no pun) including Nolan himself being able to navigate the politics and headaches of getting both Batman 3 and Man of Steel up on the big screen, without tiring of the genre or wanting to take a departure to vent some creative juice on his own projects, such as this summer's Inception (because this guy does like to be fresh and original, remember).

Not saying it can or even won't happen, just saying we all better say a prayer to the fanboy gods that it does!

"Some rum for you, Joboo..."

Source: Jamie "Film Nerd" Williams @ IESB


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