Chris Nolan and James Bond - Yes Please!

Chris Nolan recently proclaimed his love for James Bond while out promoting Inception. We'd love to see a Nolan Bond movie happen - how about you?

The blogosphere is indulging in a bit of wishful thinking today, with multiple sites jumping onto a comment Christopher Nolan recently made about his love for the James Bond franchise, and his interest in doing a Bond film.

Look, I won't pretend that this is news, or even a likely development at this point - seriously, it's not even worthy of the word "rumor." But still, come on, Chris Nolan doing a Bond film? Is there anybody reading this right now who doesn't get a least a few goosebumps at that thought?

Nolan is out and about right now promoting Inception, and it was at the film's London premiere that (according to Deadline) he apparently said to BBC:

“I’ve loved the Bond films since I was a kid. For me, they’re always about the expansiveness of cinema. The first Bond films set up infinite possibilities about the world they create. I’d love to do a Bond film.”

Again, that's not news or even a rumor - but it's certainly great fodder for some discussion I would think :-) .

If you haven't been keeping tabs on things, the future of the James Bond franchise is currently uncertain. Right now MGM (the studio that owns Bond) is going through some ugly bankruptcy proceedings that have effectively stalled all development on the next Bond film (as well as films like The Hobbit and the Red Dawn remake). Nobody is sure if MGM will hold on to these properties until it gets its monies all sorted out, or if the studio will ultimately pass off its lucrative franchises like Bond to other studios to develop.

Nolan is currently the "It" guy over at Warner Bros., having delivered two spectacular Batman films (with Batman 3 on the way). Inception is poised to be a hit this summer and Nolan is also helping WB launch a new Superman franchise in the next year or so - the studio seems intent on keeping the acclaimed director in their corner.

One slim, slim, ray of hope in all this: WB and MGM have already come to the table to share The Hobbit - largely in part due to Peter Jackson, a mutual friend of both studios. If WB and MGM continue to play nice and cooperate toward shared goals, maybe WB will lend Nolan's talents while MGM shares a slice of the James Bond pie? Is that too crazy to hope for?

James Bond 23 mgm spyglass 2012

For those asking themselves what Nolan would offer the Bond franchise: the director has become synonymous in recent years for being able to tell complex and winding narratives that also function as kick-ass action films, with a visual splendor that is captured using epic (and often real) sets and effects.

Now, just imagine a Bond film that does for super-spy espionage what Nolan did for the crime drama and superhero genres in The Dark Knight. Imagine a Bond film where backstabbings, double-dealings and surprises keep us guessing the whole way through, and 007's talents are as epic and spectacular as you want them to be. Quantum of Solace also left a huge mystery (the Quantum Organization) hanging - Nolan would be great for sorting that all out, in my opinion. Gorgeous set locations, sex, intrigue, action...I think I'm already starting to salivate over this...

Personally, I'm calling for an Interweb rally cry: NOLAN FOR BOND. Seriously guys and gals I don't ask for much, but I would definitely love some support on this if you feel the same way ;-).

What do you think about Nolan doing a Bond movie (or three)? Is this one of those wishes you want to see come true?

Source: BBC & Deadline

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