Chris Nolan Leaves 'The Prisoner' (For Batman 3?)

Sure sign that you're a smash-hit as a Hollywood director: people start analyzing every move you make. A lot of bloggers have been doing just that to Chris Nolan, ever since the first doubts arose about the acclaimed director returning to the Batman franchise after The Dark Knight.

When Nolan announced that his next film after Dark Knight was going to be the sci-fi thriller Inception, people were like, "Ok, he wants to do something non-Batman for a minute, that's cool." However, when word started circling that Nolan was also eyeing a big-screen adaptation of the 60s TV series The Prsioner, people started getting worried that Batman 3 was either a long way off or that the film was moving ahead without Nolan.

Now comes word that Christopher Nolan has left the The Prisoner, leading people to immediately jump to the conclusion that Batman 3 is the reason.

The guys over at Cine Fools were the ones to scoop this tidbit of news. While attending the Sydney, Australia, premiere of Funny People they caught up with the film's producer, Barry Mendel, to ask him about the status of The Prisoner. That's when Mendel let this little jewel slip:

Chris Nolan has dropped out of it but we have a first draft by David and Janet Peoples who wrote Twelve Monkeys and David wrote Unforgiven and it's a good draft and we're working on the script right now.

Note the way that Mendel phrases it, "dropped out..." If you know Chris Nolan, you know that he's pretty reliable (read: dedicated) about the commitments he makes as a director. So if he WAS attached to The Prisoner, and suddenly detached himself from the project, there would have to be a pretty good reason for him to do so.

Could the lure of Batman 3 be too strong for Nolan to put off any longer?

We already had Gary Oldman spilling the beans at Comic-Con that the next Bat film would start shooting next year - only to have him retract the statement almost immediately afterward (must've pissed off somebody at Warner Bros.). Now comes this news about Nolan leaving The Prisoner... I'm not saying... I'm just saying...

Of course, the biggest indicator in all this has to be Screen Rant's recent piece discussing what Batman 3 will be about. Surely Nolan and Co. read that article and the creative juices just flooded their brains!

:-| Hey, I can imagine, can't I?

For now this is all just speculation, but rest assured we'll keep you up to date on every single move Chris Nolan makes from now until the cameras start rolling on Batman 3.

Source: Head over to Cine Fools for more info about the status of the The Prisoner movie.

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