Chris Jericho Teases Match With Kenny Omega

Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega may be two of Winnipeg's favorite sons, but they seem to be building a big wrestling rivalry between themselves.

There are a few cities and states across North America renowned for producing great wrestlers. Minneapolis has had its fair share; there are more than you can probably name from the great state of Texas; Florida springs to mind, too. However, there's one town in Canada that often gets overlooked: Winnipeg, Manitoba. Although there aren't exactly an abundance of pro wrestlers hailing from there, when it comes to top class performers per square mile it may just have everywhere else beat.

There are three big wrestling names that have been proud to call Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada their home. The first was Rowdy Roddy Piper. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill for whoever came next - Chris Jericho, likely the name that springs to most fans' minds when they hear Winnipeg. The third man is one who has been making quite a stir on the wrestling scene over the last few years, and that man is Kenny Omega.


It's strange how Winnipeg's three best wrestlers are all from different eras, but it would seem that the latter two are on a collision course. A Twitter war has been raging between the two for almost a week now. It began when Jericho responded to a tweet claiming that Omega was the best wrestler in the world, with Y2J writing that Kenny 'isn't even the best in Winnipeg'. Omega replied, of course, referring to Jericho as a 'corporate stooge'.

Things have really spiralled out of control from there with the two of them tweeting insults back and forth ever since. Most of the jibes have effectively been Chris calling out The Cleaner for having never made it to the big leagues - aka WWE - with Omega responding that Jericho is a sellout for doing so. Now things like this don't normally happen out of nowhere, especially since Omega has been a guest on Talk Is Jericho and the two of them are friends, so what's it all about exactly?

With Jericho still very much a WWE guy and Omega still showing no interest in working under Vince McMahon a match between the two seems out of the question, if it weren't for one thing. Almost exactly a year from now Y2J is hosting a cruise, The Rock And Wrestling Rager. On that cruise Ring Of Honor will be holding a tournament, the winner of which will earn a shot at the ROH Championship. Since Omega is an ROH guy that means he and Jericho will be stuck on a cruise ship together along with a wrestling ring. So it would seem that this Twitter beef may be the beginning of a year long build to a match between two of Winnipeg's favorite sons.


While in the WWE, Jericho has been a proponent of new talent and helping elevate some of the company's best recruits. By the sounds of it, he has effectively insisted on having matches with the likes of AJ Styles and Finn Balor, and always he gets what he wants. It helps the WWE, it helps his opponents, and Chris gets to add yet another great match to his resume. With that in mind naturally Jericho would want to wrestle Omega. However, Kenny isn't coming to WWE any time soon and Chris isn't getting any younger. If we don't see them wrestle on Jericho's cruise ship in 2018, it might never happen.

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