Chris Hemsworth Joins 'Traffic' Writer Stephen Gaghan's 'Candy Store'

Chris Hemsworth is officially attached to Oscar-winner Stephen Gaghan's (Traffic) crime-thriller 'Candy Store'; meanwhile, several other big-name actors continue to circle the project.

Chris Hemsworth in the Red Dawn remake

It didn't take long for A-list talent to start circling Candy Store, a crime-thriller from writer-director Stephen Gaghan. Over the past decade, the Oscar-winner has done script doctoring on such projects as Rules of Engagement, The Alamo and M. Night Shyamalan's After Earth. However, Gaghan earned both his screenwriter reputation and Academy Award for an exposé on the American drug war in director Steven Soderbergh's Traffic (not to mention, his examination of the international oil industry in Syrianna, which Gaghan also helmed).

Reports are in that Candy Store has officially landed its first big-name actor to star - though, you might be surprised to learn it's Chris Hemsworth, seeing how he just passed on a hefty payday to star in American Assassin (due to his schedule already being jam-packed).

Hemsworth is currently appearing in Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor's Thor: The Dark World; thereafter, he'll appear in Steven Spielberg's Robopocalypse, before he reprises his role as the God of Thunder in Joss Whedon's The Avengers 2. However, he'll be back on the big screen next week in the delayed Red Dawn remake (which was made before Hemsworth broke out as a leading man).

The Wrap has confirmed with a representative for Candy Store that Hemsworth is indeed attached to Gaghan's next project. That suggests shooting could get going in the second half of 2013, once Hemsworth completes his role in Spielberg's new sci-fi blockbuster (but before he sets to work on the Avengers sequel). Here is a description for Gaghan's film:

The story follows an elite, deep-cover operative who loses everything, ultimately disappearing into Brooklyn, where he must start again. He winds up as a beat up cop, only to discover the global organization he was dedicated to fighting is operating in his new backyard.

Chris Hemsworth Talks Thor 2

The protagonist in Candy Store seemingly bears a resemblance to Hemsworth's character in Show White and the Huntsman (as odd as that may sound), in the sense that both are warriors who've lost everything and seek redemption by taking on a new threat. In other words, it's somewhat familiar territory for the actor - though, he continues to handle those sort of roles quite well, so we can't complain. Besides, there's little reason to doubt that Gaghan's script will offer Hemsworth a meatier part than that for the Snow White retelling.

As mentioned before, there are several 'name' actors who're either circling Candy Store or have been made offers, including Brad Pitt - whose schedule is relatively flexible right now - and Christoph Waltz, who should be available for filming after he appears in the Muppets sequel at the beginning of next year. We will keep you updated on the situation as more information is released, of course.


Source: The Wrap

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