Chris Hemsworth Would Play Bond, Thinks It's More For English Actors

Chris Hemsworth could see himself hanging up his cape and putting on a suit to play James Bond in the future. Hemsworth rose to fame by playing Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but his decade-long contract with Marvel Studios is now coming to an end. He's slated to appear as Thor in Anthony and Joe Russo's Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4. Once that's all said and done, Hemsworth will hang up his cape (and Mjolnir) and move on with his career.

Of course, Hemsworth could always sign another contract with Marvel and continue playing the God of Thunder on the big screen - and he's even expressed his reluctance with letting go of the character now that they've reinvented the superhero with Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok - but that doesn't mean he can't start thinking about joining other major franchises down the line. And if a situation arose in which he could take over the reins of the 007 franchise, Hemsworth would jump at the opportunity.

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In an interview with Australian morning show Sunrise, Chris Hemsworth was asked about potentially playing James Bond in the future, and although he was open to the idea, he believes that it's more for English actors than Australians.

"Yeah, I think any actor would jump at that opportunity. I'm certainly a fan. A whole lot of pressure comes with that, though. I think the Bond fan base is probably more critical than the comic book fanbase. But I don't know, there's plenty of guys that would do a better job than I would. Plenty of English men or women that could probably take over that one. ...I feel like it's a sort of English world."

James Bond iconic pose

While James Bond is a British spy, and British actors have typically been cast as Bond over the years, one Australian has donned the moniker 007 before: George Lazenby. Unfortunately, Lazenby only played James Bond once, in 1969's On Her Majesty's Secret Service. So, Hemsworth landing the role of Bond wouldn't be unprecedented, but it could be a much bigger deal than another Englishman landing the gig since so many years have passed from when Lazenby played Bond. And considering the fact that Hugh Jackman was once offered Bond but turned it down, it seems that the producers are at least open to the idea of an Australian actor in the role.

Much of the James Bond franchise is up in the air at the moment. Craig is reprising his role as the iconic British spy one more time - for Bond 25, which is due out in November 2019 - but it's unclear about where the franchise will go from there. Everyone has their own personal choices of who they would like to see in the role, and ever since Dr. No hit theaters in 1962, that's always been a white male... but that may no longer be the case. Franchise producer Barbara Broccoli recently said that the next Bond could be a man or woman, and that person doesn't have to be Caucasian either.

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Source: Sunrise

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