Chris Hemsworth Picked Up A Hitchhiker & Gave Him A Helicopter Lift

Chris Hemsworth, best known for playing Thor in Avengers: Infinity War and other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, helped out a hitchhiker in style, giving him a lift to Byron Bay in Australia via helicopter. Aside from portraying the God of Thunder in three solo films and another three team-up adventures, Hemsworth recently appeared in Bad Times At The El Royale and is set to front the forthcoming Men In Black reboot alongside fellow Thor: Ragnarok star, Tessa Thompson.

Despite the common mantra regarding never meeting one's heroes, Hemsworth is, by all accounts, a down to Earth and friendly guy. In 2016, the actor even gave $10,000 to a teenager who found and returned his lost wallet. Hemsworth is also a proud Australian and moved from Los Angeles to Byron Bay in 2015 after finding that he no longer needed to live in the U.S. to attract movie roles.

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The actor took his nice-guy reputation to new levels this week however, after he not only picked up a hitchhiker, but gave him a lift in a helicopter. In an Instagram post, the actor revealed that he and his buddy picked up musician Scott Hildebrand (who Hemsworth was relieved to find wasn't a serial killer) in Brisbane while traveling by car, before later revealing to the starstruck passenger that they'd be making the rest of the 100-mile journey to Byron Bay by chopper.

Hildebrand not only has the mother of all hitchhiking stories to tell to his friends now, but also did no harm whatsoever to his music career, with Hemsworth's video diary of the journey notching over 1.6 million views thus far. He also managed to become the envy of Thor fans across the world, with the group visibly having a great time as they soared over the picturesque Australian coast. Unfortunately, as the actor himself suggests in the video, Scott's future hitchhiking adventures are unlikely to be quite as luxurious as his trip to Byron Bay.

Right now, Thor fans are eagerly anticipating Hemsworth's next outing as the Marvel superhero in the currently untitled follow-up to Avengers: Infinity War and since the God of Thunder was lucky enough to reach the end credits of that movie alive, Hemsworth is likely to feature heavily in the next installment, as the remaining heroes seek to respond to Thanos' infamous finger-snap. However, fans may recall that Infinity War saw Thor hitchhiking himself, in a manner of speaking, and was eventually picked up by the Guardians of the Galaxy. Perhaps Hemsworth's gift of a helicopter ride to this lucky traveler was simply his way of repaying the favor.

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Source: Chris Hemsworth (via Instagram)

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