Chris Hemsworth's God of Thunder Workout For Thor: Ragnarok


Being a god isn't easy. Fighting evil forces to save the innocent and protect the good requires mental toughness and obviously plenty of physical strength. Though the stories are fictional, the action is more or less real. Actors playing characters with inhuman strength must put in the extra work to make their fight scenes believable and allow audiences to reason that of course they are saving the world.

One of the most gawked at actors who has taken on this responsibility is Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. Fellow actors have been quite outspoken about their respect for the Hemsworth’s work ethic in and out of the gym, and now we’re getting a peek at what everyone’s talking about.

Hemsworth recently posted a video to his Instagram account of his latest workouts, finally giving the public a peek at what it takes to stay in tip top shape.

Gettin it done with the worlds best trainer @zocobodypro. For the best training advice, nutrition advice of just how to be a flat out legend check out his website

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The video shows the god, er, actor lifting weights, riding a stationary bike, working with ropes, throwing a medicine ball, bear crawling, and doing pushups with trainer, Luke Zocchi. Zocchi is a fellow Australian who operates Zoco Body, an online fitness site that allows anyone and everyone to have access to the information that always seems to be kept secret from other celebrity trainers.


Though it seems like Hemsworth has always been a block of pure muscle, in 2015, Hemsworth lost 33 pounds for his role as Owen Chase, in In Heart of The Sea. The film follows Chase, who spends 90 days stranded at sea after a massive whale destroys their ship. The story is true, and inspired Herman Melville’s novel, "Moby Dick." Hemsworth posted photos of his gaunt self, which is a shocking juxtaposition to his golden-man stature in Thor.

After the film, Hemsworth got back in the gym to put the weight back on, and it looks like he’s back to his old self. Thor: Ragnarok is the hero’s next film, directed by Taika Waititi, in which Thor sports a shorter haircut and a more colorful ensemble thanks to Waititi’s unique style. The film is said to be more humorous, which is no surprise based on Waititi’s track record (Hunt for the Wilderpeople). Waititi directed the viral short, Team Thor, an incredibly self-aware and comedic take on the Marvel hero as he exists in everyday scenarios. Hemsworth nailed the comedic tone and based on the resounding success, fans are looking forward to the new funny film.


Source: Chris Hemsworth (via Instagram)

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