Chris Hemsworth Circling Allan Quatermain Movie Adaptation

Chris Hemsworth Circling Allan Quartermain Movie Adaptation

Chris Hemsworth is best known as the God of Thunder for Marvel's Cinematic Universe - and since crashing on to the scene with Thor, Hemsworth has been steadily growing into a sought after franchise star. He'll have a supporting role in Paul Feig's Ghostbusters and he's already taken over as the lead from Snow White in the Snow White and The Huntsman follow-up - The Huntsman: Winter's War. (To be fair, The Huntsman is part prequel, but it's a telling sign nonetheless that Universal chose to focus on Hemsworth's character rather than its fairer, titular princess.)

Hemsworth is next tackling the 'true story inspires a literary classic' film with the forthcoming, In the Heart of the Sea, where he plays first mate on a whaling ship that is attacked and sunk by a sperm whale, stranding its survivors at sea for 90 days (and later serving as the inspiration for Moby Dick). And this may signal a new path for Hemsworth's career, based on a new report concerning a potential future vehicle for the actor.

Indeed, Hemsworth may not be done playing the strapping adventurer from a bygone era type after In the Heart of the Sea, seeing as he is also reportedly being sought for the lead in Allan Quatermain, a hot script by relative newcomer Barnett Brettler, currently with Sony and based on the eponymous literary adventurer. The news comes from The Tracking Board.

Allan Quatermain is the creation of H. Rider Haggard, appearing first in 1885's King's Solomon Mines and later its thirteen sequels. A big game hunter and a crack shot, Quatermain's adventures took him in to the jungles of South Africa, leading expeditions and fending off threats from both man and beasts. There's a definite colonial element with the Allan Quatermain stories - and being a product of its time, there's unfortunately a heavy dose of the white savior trope, too. Still, Quatermain served as the inspiration for characters like Indiana Jones, so there's no reason a modern retelling couldn't hang on to the adventuring and lose such rampant racial stereotyping.

Sean Connery Allan Quatermain Leage of Extraordinary Gentlemen

For most audiences, however, Allan Quatermain is a familiar character from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - either Alan Moore's original comic book series or the uneven film adaptation starring Sean Connery, whichever version you first encountered. Fox is rumored as looking to give that property a film reboot, but it's unclear whether that would cause any conflicts with a straight-forward adaptation of the original Quatermain stories.

Either way, the Quatermain from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is intended to be an older Quatermain, one who's coaxed out of retirement for the good of the Empire. So it's hard to imagine audiences mistaking that character for the ruggedly handsome adventurer Chris Hemsworth could wind up playing.

We'll bring you more information on Allan Quatermain as it becomes available.

Source: The Tracking Board

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