Watch Astronaut Chris Hadfield Return to Earth LIVE

After spending 5 months aboard the International Space Station, CSA's Commander Chris Hadfield, along with NASA's Thomas Marshburn and RFSA's Roman Romanenko, will return to Earth tonight, and you can watch their journey home, live!

Hadfield, who became Canada's first Commander of the International Space Station (ISS) on March 13, has captivated the Internet with his live tweets, photos, Facebook updates and YouTube videos while orbiting 230 miles above the Earth. From wringing out a soaking wet towel to showing what happens when you cry in space, Hadfield has helped the Canadian Space Agency amass 22+ million views on their YouTube page by giving the world at look at what everyday life is like in space.

But now it’s time for Commander Hadfield to return home – and here’s your guide to watch it happen, live:

Landing of Chris Handfield and the Crew of Expedition 34/35

Schedule (EST):9:30PM - Pre-Event Special Programming10:00PM - Expedition 34/35 Return Event10:31PM - Expedition 34/35 Lands on Earth

Ustream: ASC-CSA


If you're not familiar with Commander Hadfield, you can check out a few of his most popular YouTube videos below:



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