Chris Farley's 10 Most Hilarious Movies, Ranked

Chris Farley. The comedic legend who popularized the saying "Holy Schnikes!" and "Fat Guy In A Little Coat" is no doubt among our favorites. On Saturday Night Live he played the infamous Matt Foley, a divorced motivational speaker who lives in "a van down by the river."

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While he was making us laugh on Saturday nights, he was also giving us hysterical fits as we watched his hilarious antics play out on the big screen. Everyone no doubt remembers Tommy Boy, but which other roles of Farley's can you recall? Here are some of his funniest.

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CONEHEADS, Dan Aykroyd, Chris Farley, 1993, (c)Paramount
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10 Coneheads

CONEHEADS, Dan Aykroyd, Chris Farley, 1993, (c)Paramount

Farley plays Ronnie, an auto mechanic and the love interest of the Coneheads' daughter, Connie (Michelle Burke). Ronnie is sweet, lovable and goofy, teaching Connie affection and braving her father's disapproval, even after Beldar (Dan Aykroyd) tears the roof off of Ronnie's car.

In one hilarious scene, Ronnie and Connie consummate their relationship with "senso-rings", which her parents walk in on. Luckily, despite this embarrassing occurrence, Ronnie and Connie do end up together, with Ronnie taking her to prom and enduring Beldar's 55 words of advice for him.

9 Almost Heroes

Released after Farley's passing, this film has him playing Bartholomew Hunt and starring alongside Matthew Perry, who portrays Leslie Edwards. Polar opposites, the two are competing against the famous Lewis and Clark to be the first to make it across the United States successfully.

Hilariously enough, Edwards, who has been sheltered throughout his life, hires Hunt under the impression that he is a survivalist of sorts. Turns out, that's not the case. As the two blunder onwards, relying on strangers and getting mixed up in all sorts of shenanigans, they also bond with one another and change for the better.

8 Dirty Work

Dirty Work features Farley's final film appearance, released in 1998. Farley plays Jimmy No-Nose, a friend of the main characters of Mitch (Norm Macdonald) and Sam (Artie Lange). Jimmy's got issues with his girlfriend who bites his nose off (even right after he's just had it fixed), drives a Trans Am and has a disturbing roommate named Jack.

Speaking of which, the bar scene, in which Farley discourages Mitch from staying at his place for the night (stating that Jack watches him sleep and that Jack's feet bleed), is hilarious but "off-putting." Mitch shouts that he doesn't want to stay, frightening Farley but freeing him of his promise to Mitch that he'd do anything for him. Well played.

7 Airheads

1994's Airheads starred Brendan Fraser, Steve Buscemi and Adam Sandler as washed-out and struggling musicians . Their demo tape is repeatedly turned down and they become desperate, to the point of forcing a local rock station to play their tape. Of course, this leads to many misadventures and prison time down the line (but hey, they do end up with their big break at least).

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Meanwhile, Farley portrays Officer Wilson. Wilson has his time in the spotlight while tracking down Kayla (Amy Locane) in connection with the hostage takeover at the radio station, and while in the club, a group of men misunderstand Wilson's intentions to bring Kayla in as a failed attempt at hitting on her. They mock him and obstruct his investigation, with the leader ripping off Wilson's badge. Wilson retaliates by improvising and ripping out the guy's nipple ring. Ouch.

6 Wayne's World

Remember Mike Myers and Dana Carvey kneeling on the floor before Alice Cooper shouting "We're not worthy!" when Cooper invites the two to hang out? Well, as they're leaving, they come across a security guard. That guard is none other than Chris Farley.

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Turns out, the guard is helpful and informative and has a penchant for gesturing elaborately with his hands when giving directions. Following this, even Myers remarks, "Ya know, for a security guard, he had an awful lot of information, don't ya think?"

5 Beverly Hills Ninja

A baby washes ashore and is discovered by a group of ninjas. Remembering an old legend, they believe this baby will become a ninja like no other and take him in. That baby grows up to be Haru (Farley) and he is far from an adequate ninja. When an American woman comes to the temple seeking assistance, though, everything changes.

Haru is tasked with investigating her boyfriend and comes to find that he is a money counterfeiter, which has him ending up in Beverly Hills on a murder-mystery. This leads to Haru's adopted brother Gobei (Robin Shou) following to watch over him (without Haru's knowledge) as Haru uses disguises himself, helps the woman and essentially saves the day (even  displaying master ninja skills near the film's end). Chris Farley as a ninja? Can't pass that opportunity up.

4 Wayne's World 2

WAYNE'S WORLD 2, Chris Farley, 1993, (c)Paramount

In the sequel, Farley plays a character who is the polar opposite of the one he played in the first film. This time he makes an appearance as Milton, a long-haired and conflicted but entertaining friend of Wayne and Garth's. Milton's feeling great what with what he calls the "good tunes, good brew, and good buddies", adding that even though he hates his father and his life, he feels good. He then declares he's going to "go pick a fight."

Well, according to Wayne and Garth, that means Milton's "gotten a lot better." If that's the case, we'd rather not know what Milton was like before.

3 Black Sheep

Mike Donnelly (Farley), a kind but oddball individual who is considered the black sheep of the family, does everything he can to support his brother Al (Tim Matheson), who is campaigning to be Governor of Washington. When Al's campaign manager suggests Al get rid of the bumbling Mike, Al instead pairs him up with campaign aide Steve (David Spade).

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Not unlike their first film together, Spade and Farley embark on misguided but well-intentioned comedic episodes that continually hurt Al's campaign. Luckily, Al's rival is revealed to be a fraud courtesy of Mike, who saves his brother's campaign. If you love slapstick Chris Farley (and love Tommy Boy), this should be on your list.

2 Billy Madison

Adam Sandler plays Billy, heir to a hotel company his father founded. When his father decides to hand over the business to someone else, given Billy's irresponsibility and obnoxiousness, Billy protests. Yet, he discovers that his father bribed his teachers throughout his school years to give him good grades for him to attend a good college. To prove Billy can run his father's company, he must pass all twelve grades once more, with two-week intervals for each.

Chris Farley plays a minor but hilariously memorable role as a bus driver while Billy is on a field trip with his classmates. Farley's character is an angry man that doesn't like being hit by sandwiches, but exacts his revenge by stealing all the school lunches while out on the field trip. Justice served.

1 Tommy Boy

1995's cult classic produced quotable dialogue and laughs for all. Tommy (Farley), a recent college grad, is hired at his father's company, Callahan Auto, in Sandusky, Ohio. When his father suddenly dies, Tommy is tasked with saving the company from his scheming stepmother and her "son." Hitting the road with Richard (David Spade), his father's assistant with whom he shares an initially antagonistic bond, the two set out to sell enough brake pads to save the company.

Disaster ensues as Tommy originally fails to sell and as he and Richard clash (and destroy Richard's prized car). Yet, this heartfelt comedy takes a turn for the better, and along the way gives us "Holy Schnikes!", "fat guy in a little coat," and "that's gonna leave a mark." Chris Farley left behind a string of successful comedies and various Saturday Night Live sketches (especially as Matt Foley) for us to treasure forever. He was taken from us too soon but we'll always be laughing at the jokes and antics whilst appreciating his legendary memory.

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