Chris Evans Reads Superhero Bedtime Story For Children’s Program

Chris Evans shows the softer side of his Captain America persona by reading a superhero-themed children's bedtime story for British television.

Captain America Chris Evans

Avengers star Chris Evans is showing the softer side of his Captain America persona by reading a superhero-themed children's bedtime story for British television. Evans has been clearly humbled by his good fortunes in the movie industry over the years, and one way he's paid society back is through his participation in children's causes. His past good deeds include a visit to Seattle's Children's Hospital dressed as Captain America to brighten days of young patients (along with his Guardians of the Galaxy buddy Chris Pratt); and earlier this year, he teamed with Omaze to help pull off a playful escape room prank as a way to raise funds for homes for families to stay in while their children undergo cancer treatment.

Evans' latest effort was perhaps a simpler gesture, but it's one that nearly brought him to tears. Evans was on his recent promotional stop in London for his new family drama Gifted when he took time to visit BBC's children's network CBeebies.

While there, Evans recorded a segment for the CBeebies program Bedtime Stories, where he read Shelly Becker and Eda Kaban's Even Superheroes Have Bad Days – a book written to help children cope with the pressures of feeling overwhelmed. Evans promoted his Bedtime Story segment, which aired Wednesday evening in the U.K., in a CBeebies tweet [seen below]. In an interview with Time Out London the day after he recorded the segment, Evans talked about how he was surprisingly moved by taking part in the program. He said:

"I just did the CBeebies 'Bedtime Story' I was reading this book to camera and it was getting me choked up. It’s a really beautiful children’s book. Thematically, it was so lovely."

Be a legend in your lounge! @BBCiPlayer to the rescue... @ChrisEvans #BedtimeStory

— CBeebies Grown-Ups (@CBeebiesHQ) May 10, 2017

Evans also shared how the program brought him to a place near and dear to his heart, even though he didn't know about Bedtime Story until he read for it. He says:

"I have nieces and nephews and I read stories to them all the time. It was my favorite thing as a kid to have someone read stories to me."

The actor also colorfully explained how he was blown away by the setting of Bedtime Story, oddly enough using a word you'll never find in a children's book. He says, "Walking onto the set, they have stuffed animals everywhere. I was like, 'This is f--king adorable.'"

Of course, one of the many reasons that fans adore Evans is because of participation in programs like Bedtime Story. Yes, he's entertaining as Captain America in the MCU, but outside of his day job, the actor fully realizes that when you're in a position to use your celebrity to help make the world a better place, you do it without hesitation. Evans' efforts just go to show that people can be superheroes without ever wearing a costume or carrying a shield.

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Source: Time Out London, CBeebies

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