Chris Evans Says Marvel Sets Are Like 'Giant Factories'

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Magical...supernatural...awe-inspiring. Those are words you would think anyone working on a superhero movie would say about the set. But, Captain America actor, Chris Evans has a different story. Apparently, these sets are more like "factories". In a good way, he promises. Though, the thought does let our imaginations run with images of the films being cut in Stark Labs.

While speaking to The Telegraph about his latest indie film, Gifted, Evans blissfully walked down memory lane of shooting his small-budget flick, comparing the experience to one of shooting an epic Marvel film. Even though, of course, it’s a little bit like comparing apples to oranges.

So what exactly is it like working on multi-million dollar franchise? Evans explained:  

"Those Captain America movies are great, and I’m proud of every one of them, but on set they’re giant f______ factories, and we spend a lot of time sitting around."

The Telegraph couldn’t disagree, as the reporter himself recalled visiting Evans on set and watching him shoot a single scene “in which his character holsters his shield, and he didn’t even have a shield to work with." Evans continued to explain his point:

“But on a movie like Gifted you come home every day and you feel like you got to act! You feel exhausted. You get through eight, nine pages of dialogue. On Captain America, you might get through two pages per day, if you’re lucky. And that’s fine, it’s a different process. But there’s something refreshing about that intimate exchange with the other people involved in a smaller film. You feel like you get your hands dirty."

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While role of a superhero is typically considered incredibly glamorous, it's understandable that the Captain America actor might crave the fulfillment of other work.  Evans seems to have known what to expect, though, as he recalled:

“One of my biggest fears was that the movies were going to be good...Because if things worked out, I’d have to do all six of them. And at the time, that was the most terrifying aspect of it. That it was going to be so dominating, all-encompassing.”

However, of course, now he feels lucky to be a part of such an accomplished franchise, “I’ve been on sets where you get a vibe that everyone’s making a different movie. The director one, the actors another, the producers another one still. Marvel has a way of ensuring that on the day filming begins, everyone is making the same meal.”

Gifted (available now) is about a boat mechanic, Frank, whose seven-year-old niece and ward Mary turns out to be a mathematics prodigy of potentially international significance. The film stars Evans and is directed by Marc Webb (The Amazing Spider-Man 2). Evans had once hoped to direct the film himself, after directing the 2014 romantic drama Before We Go. Though, by the time he made up his mind, Webb had already been selected.

Amidst his more artsy endeavors, we can still catch Evans as Captain America in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War headed to theaters in May of next year.

Source: The Telegraph


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