Chris Evans Talks 'Captain America,' Hugo Weaving & Fantastic Four

Captain America The First Avenger Chris Evans Interview

It's only June 3rd and we've already seen half of the superhero blockbusters summer 2011 has to offer – Thor and X-Men: First Class. So far, they’ve been pretty well-received, but we’ve still got Green Lantern to contend with in two weeks and Captain America: The First Avenger next month.

Speaking of Captain America, star Chris Evans recently sat down to talk about a number of things to do with the film, including the difference between playing Cap and the Human Torch in Fantastic Four, Hugo Weaving's role as Red Skull, and the importance of pleasing the fans.

On what he thought upon seeing himself in the Captain America uniform, courtesy of The Triangle:

"What have I gotten myself into? […] You know, it was pretty intimidating when you first put the suit on. I think I was still a little apprehensive at that time [...] I agreed to do the movie, but with a lot of [nervousness]. And I think the first time I put the suit on, it was a mixture."

On Hugo Weaving’s highly-anticipated turn role as the villainous Red Skull:

Hugo Weaving as Red Skull

On wanting to please the fans:

"At the end of the day, you’re making the movie for the fans. These movies wouldn’t get made if there wasn’t a built-in fanbase. They just wouldn’t. So at the end of the day, your loyalty is to the people who are passionate about these comic books, so you want to make sure that they’re happy, first and foremost."

On the differences between playing the Human Torch in Fantastic Four and Captain America in – well, Captain America:

"In Fantastic Four, they only want to talk to Jessica Alba, which is perfect for me, because if I had my way, I’d never say anything. This movie, it’s a lot more demand as far as promotion is concerned, which is scary … I struggle with it at times… But Fantastic Four certainly helped break me in to understand the amount that was expected."

On researching the titular role:

"[I read] as many comic books as possible. […] You have to get a sense of who the fans are expecting to see, who they have in their head as far as Captain America is concerned. [But] at the end of the day […] you’re making the script that’s given to you."

On what makes the story of Captain America so appealing:

"I really think it’s about who Captain America is. That’s kind of why I like doing the film. He’s just – he’s got these indestructible values. You know, he doesn’t do the right thing for anybody. He’s not doing it to be praised. He’s not doing it for rewards. He’s doing it because it’s the right thing, and that’s – that’s a really commendable way to live life. And I think that’s something we can all aspire to."

Save for some less-than-convincing pre-serum special effects used to create baby-head Chris Evans, everything we’ve seen so far of Captain America looks promising. Hopefully, they’ve had the time to polish up that lingering issue, because if anyone deserves an amazing film, it’s the star-spangled Avenger created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby.

Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters July 22nd, 2011.

Source: The Triangle

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