Chris Evans Talks 'Captain America' Costume in 'The Avengers

Now that Captain America: The First Avenger is days away from release, the next big Marvel film – made by Marvel, that is – will be The Avengers, circa May 2012.

So naturally, people are anxious to see what all the Avengers’ costumes will end up looking like, from Thor to Iron Man to Hawkeye to Hulk (if you can even call that a costume) to Black Widow to, maybe most important of all, modern-day Captain America.

Chris Evans recently talked to Movie Line about the differences between the Cap costume in The First Avenger and the one in The Avengers, saying:

“They each have pros and cons. [T]he first Cap costume is very cumbersome. It’s thick and it’s bulky, it’s tough to do fight sequences in, but the cowl, the helmet, can come on and off at will. The current wardrobe is a bit different. The suit, the range of motion is fantastic, you can really get some good fight sequences in. It’s a little bit more form-fitting. But the cowl, the hood, has some… changes that make it a little more difficult to get on and off.”

Not so long ago, we saw an official Avengers promo poster that was basically an artistic representation of all the characters from the team in costume and in action. Check that out below (click to enlarge!):

Joss Whedon's The Avengers

Alas, for those who’ve seen the leaked Avengers trailer, it appears that Thor’s sleeveless costume is more like the Ultimate comic book version than the one above, and Iron Man’s armor is slightly different as well (his Arc Reactor is now triangular, not circular), so there’s no telling how close to the final product the costumes in the poster will end up being. Still, there’s probably some comparability worth analyzing.

On the number of Marvel films Chris Evans is contractually obligated to act in:

“It started out as a nine-picture and they dropped it down to a six-picture deal, but even six movies — they could spread those out and it could be ten years. I could be doing this ‘til I’m 40. That’s a crazy thing to think about. I don’t think anybody here could make a decision for the next ten years of your life. It’s crazy. Movies, for me up until now, have been one at a time. If my passion shifted, if my search in life went somewhere else, I could go do that. This just meant you can’t. That’s scary. And the potential lifestyle change; I’ve been making movies for ten years but I can still go to a ball game. I can still go to Disney World. I can still live my life with relative ease and anonymity, and this movie could potentially change that, and that’s scary too.”

And lastly, on the awesomeness of his co-star, Robert Downey Jr.:

“He’s so great. I can’t say enough about him, I really can’t. I didn’t know what to expect going in to work with him. He’s so talented and he’s got so much charisma and persona. I can honestly say, of all the movie stars I’ve worked with, he’s the one that when he comes on set, you really feel like, ‘Man — this guy’s a movie star!’ You just feel it. When he comes in a room he just owns the oxygen. He is a movie star, and he’s been so great. So supportive, so positive. I had to do a scene with him the other day where I was just nervous, it was just me and him, and I was just terrified. It’s Robert Downey Jr.! And he’s just, you know, every little take he gives you a fist bump, a little thumbs up, and it just changes your whole day. It probably means nothing in his mind but I go back to my trailer, like, giddy. He really is something else.”

Indeed, Chris Evans has his work cut out for him - especially in terms of performing opposite Robert Downey Jr. In the comics, Iron Man and Cap are great friends who have, at times, been at odds with one another (not the least of which was when they practically killed each other in Civil War). But at the end of the day, no matter how interesting and essential Iron Man is, it’s Cap who’s the heart of the team -- the glue that holds everyone together. It’s easy to be overshadowed by Robert Downey Jr., but maybe Evans can pull it off - and hold his own.

Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters July 22, 2011. The Avengers hits theaters May 4th, 2012.

Source: Movie Line

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