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Captain America First Screening

Over the last few weeks several little tidbits of Captain America: The First Avenger news has slipped by, including the sneaky re-titling of the film itself. "The First Avenger" came before "Captain America" previously but now it's listed as the other way around.

Today we'll touch on Chris Evans preparing for the role of Steve Rogers and how he was hesitant at first to take the Captain America job because of how it would affect his lifestyle. We'll also discuss Evans' feeling on co-star Sebastian Stan and the relationship between their characters, and lastly, we'll talk about the tone of the film and how it compares to other genre super hero flicks.

Chris Evans Prepares to be an Avenger

MTV had a chance to speak with Chris Evans at Comic-Con about the Captain America movie and have broken the interview into a several little pieces over the last two weeks. Putting the key ones together, here's what Evans has to say about preparing for the role:

  • Evans explains hesitation and decision to accept Captain America offer.

"It wasn't an easy yes. I was nervous... I get nervous in things like this and Captain America just means a lot of this. I was in a really happy place in my life; kind of in a happy medium place in my career and Captain America just changes things and there's no 'off' switch once you walk down that road... There was nothing wrong with the project... I love the people involved, the characters, the script, Hugo [Weaving]. There was nothing wrong there. It was just about the lifestyle change and whether or not I was willing to do it. But there's no turning back now. I'm just trying to make all the negatives [into] positives and just enjoy the ride."

  • Evans has always been in top shape but he's hit the gym hard to fill out the Captain America costume. He also wears a bodysuit however, to fill out the costume and give him that needed size.
  • Evans came into the project knowing nothing about the characters or history of Captain America, only that he's an iconic and well-known figure in comics. As part of the job, he's been reading up to learn as much as he can about the origins, history and characters of Captain America:

"Personally, when I was going through the comic books, the ones that were the most intriguing were the origin stories... I just kind of wanted to get as many different takes on how this guy started out, because that's the story we're telling. I just wanted to know who he was prior to this happening to him. I think if that character is someone that the audience can relate to, we win."

An All-Star Cast

Sebastian Stan cast as Bucky Barnes in Captain America
Sebastian Stan is Bucky Barnes in Captain America

As any Captain America fan knows, one of the most important characters in his life and part of his history was his relationship with Bucky Barnes. Created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in 1941, Bucky appeared alongside Steve Rogers in nearly every appearance during their efforts in World War II. Sebastian Stan signed a three-picture contract to play Bucky in Captain America: The First Avenger and in potential sequels, and Evans is having a great time sharing the screen with him.

"Sebastian Stan is fantastic. He just started his first day at work. They make for a great relationship," Evans told MTV. "So far, I think the plot line between Steve and Bucky has been fantastic... An origin story is so effective in trying to set up who these people were and the relationships they had prior to these extraordinary things happening to them," he said. "I think it could really sell the relationship between Steve and Bucky and Steve and Erskine. It'll only pay off more in the end."

Thinking ahead, Bucky was brought back into the Marvel comics universe in 2008 after having been dead for decades and decades. They even went as far as Bucky becoming Captain America after Steve Rogers was assassinated - could we see Bucky appear in the modern era in the films?

Continue to Page 2 for Evans discussing the "light" vs. "dark" tone of Captain America!

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