Chris Evans Hopes For Black Panther Level Impact from Black Widow & Captain Marvel

Chris Evans is hoping that Captain Marvel and Black Widow experience the same success as Black Panther. Marvel Studios just released their eighteenth movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in theaters, and the early results are astonishing. Surpassing almost every lofty expectation, Black Panther is set to be Marvel's second biggest opening ever. The accolades come with raving reviews, but also on a movie that pushes a diverse cast and crew - better representing the world at large.

This is only the beginning of Marvel's push for equality. After delivering their first movie led by a person of color, 2019 begins with their first female led movie. Brie Larson will bring Captain Marvel to theaters then, and there's finally movement on Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow. For their fellow MCU star Chris Evans, he is expecting both to follow the same winning formula.

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ET Canada spoke to Chris Evans ahead of him making a turn to Broadway for Lobby Hero and brought up Black Panther's incredible figures. Once again, Evans is just in awe of what Marvel Studios can do on a consistent basis and believes that Captain Marvel and Black Widow will have similarly huge success.

There's nothing they can't do man. I'm sure its going to have the exact same effect when Captain Marvel comes out and when the Black Widow movie comes out. Marvel just has the winning recipe, and they're kind of one step ahead of everybody else. I mean just looking at them, and I was just looking at things this morning about these Black Panther openings around the country this weekend and its gonna crush. Its gonna crush! Marvel knows what they're doing. They find great people. I just feel very humbled and lucky to be part of it.

MCU All-Female Team Up

Evans' heart is clearly in the right place, and we can only hope that Captain Marvel and Black Widow are received this well. However, these are some historic numbers Black Panther is putting up right now. That is not to say that neither film could hit similar milestones, but there won't be many films that have or ever will experience this type of success. Just like Black Panther's ability to resonate with people of color like never before, there's always the chance Captain Marvel and Black Widow could do the same for women.

The model for such success could come by looking at Warner Bros.' best DCEU movie. Just last year, Wonder Woman exceeded all expectations to become one of the year's highest earners. The film was great on its own, but it also had a huge cultural impact. Patty Jenkins broke Hollywood's glass ceiling as a result in sequel negotiations and it's empowered women around the world. Even though it wasn't technically the first female led superhero movie, it was the one with the most support and success.

Black Panther isn't the first black superhero movie either, but does have the biggest budget and franchise behind it. With Captain Marvel and Black Widow also carrying the MCU brand and presumably messages about female empowerment, both could eventually achieve just as much success as Black Panther. Success on these levels would only continue to change the perception of what types of movies sell, washing away Hollywood myths in the process. Hopefully, Evans' faith will eventually prove to be well-placed when Captain Marvel and Black Widow break records too.

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Source: ET Canada

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