Chris Evans & Equalizer Director Antoine Fuqua Teaming Up For Infinite

Chris Evans is set to star in director Antoine Fuqua's Infinite, an adaptation of D. Eric Maikranz's novel The Reincarnationist Papers. Eight years after his debut as Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger, Evans is most likely on the verge of saying goodbye to the character and the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe for good. Indeed, as far as we know, Evans will be done playing Captain America after this year's Avengers: Endgame - and if he does continue to work on the MCU, it could be as a director, rather than an actor.

Whatever the future holds for Evans in the MCU, he's already started lining up movies for the post-Endgame stage of his career. The first of those films will be Rian Johnson's star-studded murder mystery Knives Out, which is currently scheduled to open in theaters this November. He will thereafter reunite with his MCU costar Tom Holland for the historical horror-thriller The Devil All the Time, which only recently found a home at Netflix. Evans has now added yet another project to his to-do list, after he's done battling Thanos (again) in April.

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According to Deadline, Evans is in talks to star in Infinite, with Fuqua directing from an adapted script by John Lee Hancock (The Blind Side) and Ian Shorr (Splinter). The original book was published in 2009 and revolves around Evan Michaels, a man haunted by memories of what he believes to be his past two lives. This leads him to seek out the Cognomina, a secret organization whose members are able to recall all of their previous lives and use their knowledge to shape the direction of history.

Fuqua has worked in several genres by this point in his career, including crime drama (Training Day), action-thriller (The Equalizer movies), and even old-school western (The Magnificent Seven). Nevertheless, Infinite will be the closest thing the filmmaker has made to a superhero movie so far. The director was previously approached for Sony's Morbius the Living Vampire movie - which is about to begin production with Jared Leto playing Morbius - and his frequent screenwriter Richard Wenk has said he'd love for Fuqua to direct the Karven the Hunter movie he's currently writing. Fuqua, however, has long maintained that he'd like to do something with superheroes that's never really been done before, which may be part of the reason why he signed on for Infinite, instead.

Evans, for his part, has really come into his own as both an actor onscreen and a role model off-screen during his time playing Captain America. It'll be sad to see him leave the role behind, but (as Tony Stark would put it) part of the journey is the end, and it should be exciting to follow Evans into the next stage of her career. He's already making smart decisions by teaming up with directors like Johnson and Fuqua, especially on something with a premise as intriguing as Infinite's. Paramount reportedly sees this one as the potential start of a franchise, so they're no doubt happy to have someone like Captain America leading the charge.

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Source: Deadline

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