Chris Columbus Talks Gremlins & Goonies

Gremlins writer picks up Troll Hunter remake rights

Recently there have been rumors floating about reporting that the 80’s classic Gremlins would get the inevitable reboot treatment in the now obligatory 3D. Details on the alleged film have been sketchy at best, but now, original Gremlins writer and director of the forthcoming Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightening Thief, Chris Columbus, has spoke about the project and sequels to some of his biggest hits – Mrs Doubtfire and The Goonies.

When asked by Coming Soon about a third Gremlins film Columbus said:

"I spoke to Steven Spielberg a couple days ago and said, 'You know, I've been reading on the internet about this 'Gremlins 3D' and no one's approached him either, so I don't know if that's really true.”

The director also went on to talk about why he thinks the film still has an appeal and why it wouldn’t work in CGI:

"It would be fun to go back and revisit. Something like Gremlins, which is a movie I really like, I think it's impossible to recreate in a CGI environment. I think it will inevitably lose some of its charm. Those are edgy Muppets in a sense and you don't want to lose that sense of anarchy that those gremlins had, because behind the scenes are 25 puppeteers making them to come to life."

When quizzed about the oft mooted sequel to Richard Donner’s The Goonies, which Columbus also wrote the Harry Potter director replied:

"'Goonies' would have to be the Goonies on their own as parents and their children doing something. But as Steven said, 'How can you really be going underground finding another gigantic pirate ship filled with treasure? What can be the next adventure?'"

The man has a point. The Goonies worked because it had a sense of innocence and wonder that would be hard to replicate for a second adventure. As much as I would like to see a sequel to the film, I have to admit that it probably just wouldn’t work, and if one were made then I can only imagine that a backlash like what occurred after the Star Wars prequels and the last Indiana Jones film would ensue.

Gremlins on the other hand might work -  the creatures aren’t fixed to any locale or specific life – but like Columbus said, CGI would ruin it.

Fans of Columbus’ work will also be happy to know that he’s also thought about a sequel to his Robin Williams starrer Mrs Doubtfire:

"'Mrs. Doubtfire is an interesting idea for a sequel because it's the one time in film history where you can revisit the character and they'll be the same age 15 years later. Because of the make-up, people can see Mrs. Doubtfire again and nothing has changed about her, which I think is kind of interesting."

It’s doubtful that a sequel to that will be made either. About ten years ago Robin William’s Jumanji co-star Bonnie Hunt penned a sequel to the hit cross-dressing comedy, but the film never materialized.

Having said that, in recent years there’s one thing that Hollywood has taught me – never doubt a belated sequel will eventually find its way to cinema screens.

More on Gremlins if and when we get it.

Source: Coming Soon.

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