'X-Files' Creator Chris Carter Returning To TV With 'Unique'

It's been 18 years since The X-Files landed on "The Fox Network", and now its creator Chris Carter is returning to the television game with a new pilot. Unique is a supernatural police thriller focusing on a female lead.

...and that's it. In true X-Files fashion, there's a lot more questions than answers available to inquiring minds. Carter is set to both write and produce the pilot, but no real plot points are available, no other crew has been announced, and no names have been put forth for the female lead. (And before anyone asks, Gillian Anderson might be out of the question - the 43-year-old is set to play Miss Havisham in a Great Expectations miniseries next year.)

Carter spent the better part of a decade writing and producing all 201 episodes of The X-Files, not to mention The X-Files film in 1998 and its sequel The X-Files: I Want To Believe ten years later. With the exception of a documentary miniseries called Threads of Mythology, he hasn't been involved in a TV project since the end of the series in 2002. X-Files is nothing less that a cultural icon, and it helped take The Fox Network from a small startup network to one of TV's "Big Four."

While it's difficult to predict when a project the chances for a show that is so far out from even a pilot order, it's hard to think that any cable or broadcast network wouldn't at least be interested in Unique. Unfortunately, shows that combine a supernatural element with a more typical premise haven't fared well in the last pilot season.

Ronald D. Moore's supernatural cop drama 17th Precinct failed to secure a season order - even with half the cast of Moore's Battlestar Galactica behind it. ABC's period piece Poe, which pitted a fictional version of the famous poet against supernatural forces (and, oh yeah, he solved crimes as well) wasn't ordered either.

We'll be keeping a close eye on Unique as it makes its way through the studio system. Oh, and about those X-Files 3 rumors: Gillian Anderson said, "I hope it happens...There's talk of it."

How enlightening.


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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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