Star Wars Rebels: Chopper's 15 Best Moments

Chopper C110P Arms Star Wars Rebels

The droids of the Star Wars universe have a special place in our heart, from R2D2 to BB8, but a certain metal menace stands out from all the rest—that’s right, we’re talking about Chopper from Star Wars Rebels. Also known as C1-10P, but affectionately known as Chopper, the grumpy droid is certainly unique. “If Artoo is the family dog,” said Dave Filoni, executive producer of the show Star Wars Rebels, “Chopper is the cat.”

A C-1 series astromech droid with stubby retractable arms, Chop is practically the polar opposite of R2D2, with belligerent tendencies and a cantankerous personality. He’s best known for pulling devious pranks and snarky replies that we’re sure would harbor a higher rating than what Disney would approve of. Star Wars Rebels Season 3 premiered this past weekend, and we thought this would be a great time to round up some of Chopper’s best moments.

In Rebels, Chopper sometimes feels like the true hero in the show, simply because of all of his seriously awesome screentime. Let's recap some of Chopper's most epic scenes.

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15 Showdown with R2-D2

Chopper C110P R2D2 C3P0 Star Wars Rebels

In episode two of season one, "Droids in Distress", Chopper worked with some familiar characters, like R2-D2 and C-3P0 from the original trilogy. When the rebels devise a plan to intercept a cargo filled with weapons for the Empire, Chopper creates a pretty believable diversion. Ezra, Sabine, Zeb, and Kanan disguise themselves as everyday citizens of Lothal and then hop aboard a shuttle in order to gather more intel for the mission. Minister Tua is on board, struggling to understand her translator, who is none other than C-3P0 himself. Acting as the perfect decoy, Chopper prods Ezra with his hands, shocking him repeatedly. He causes such a ruckus that he’s sent with R2-D2 and C-3P0 to the back of the transport, giving Sabine an opportunity to act as a translator for Minister Tua and find out where the cargo is.

Sabine misleads Tua and tells her to go to cargo bay seventeen, while the Ghost crew plan to steal the actual cargo from docking bay number seven. After the Imperials figure out the real whereabouts of the cargo, they head over to intercept the rebels before they dash off with the shipment. In order to buy them some time, R2-D2 and Chopper face off in an epic battle. They send out a series of shocks and raise a big fuss, blocking the doorway and giving the rebels a little more time to escape. Although the ruse was short-lived, it definitely remains one of Chopper’s best moments.

14 Saving Kanan and kicking an Imperial droid off the Ghost

Chopper C110P Arms Star Wars Rebels

In the season one finale, “Fire Across the Galaxy”, the members of the Ghost crew work on saving Kanan from the clutches on an Imperial prison. Despite direct orders from Fulcrum, or Ahsoka Tano, not to risk everything for Kanan; Ezra, Sabine and Zeb decide to take matters into their own hands. Chopper plays a big role, sufficiently distracting Hera and buying the others time to search for Kanan on their own. After making a deal with the smuggler, Vizago, for a little more information, they discover that the Empire uses droid couriers to send info, including the exact cell where Kanan is being kept. The crew decides to replace an Imperial droid courier with Chopper instead.

After all’s said and done, Hera goes to rescue him, and Chopper jumps out of an Imperial ship and flies through space with a riveting drum roll and excited chittering. When they reunite back on the Ghost, Zeb makes an amusing comment to the antagonistic droid, “Maybe we’ll keep him instead of you…”, referring to the Imperial droid carrier they nabbed earlier. Before you can bat an eyelash, the hatch is open and Chopper viciously throws him off of the Ghost. Talk about a Thug Life meme waiting to happen… somebody get on it, folks.

13 Master Prankster

Sabine Graffiti Chopper Zeb Ezra Star Wars Rebels

In episode three of season one, "Fighter Flight", Ezra falls victim to a series of Chopper’s devious pranks. While trying to practice levitating a small bowl with the Force, Ezra gets rudely interrupted by Chopper. He tries to run after the snickering droid, only to find himself chasing him back into his room, where Zeb is fast asleep. Chopper zaps the sleeping giant, creating even more mayhem in the room.

At this point, Zeb and Ezra are at each other’s throats over practically everything. With tensions running high, Chopper mischievously took things to the point of no return. Unbeknownst to Ezra, Chopper completely removed the bolts from the frame of his top bunk bed. Ezra took to his upper bunk for a little solitude, but the bed fell through and smashed onto Zeb, totally interrupting his deep slumber. Needless to say, the Lasat was beyond furious, erupting into a furious rage. This was the tipping point, and before Ezra had a chance to explain, Hera sends them on an errand together to find some mysterious meilooruns.

The pair go on a roller coaster of events while looking for the fruits and eventually return to the Ghost with the aforementioned meilooruns, a hard-to-find fruit on Lothal. Ezra and Zeb share some much-needed bonding time, and Hera and Kanan look on at them with approval.

12 Chopper's Scarface moment

Chopper Blasters Hondo Azmorigan Star Wars Rebels

In episode five of season two, "Brothers of the Broken Horn", Ezra links up with the nefarious space pirate, Hondo Ohnaka. An Imperial ship starts to open fire on the ship, and Chopper quickly inputs new coordinates so they can make a fast getaway with the hyperdrive. Hondo asks Ezra to help him in exchange for three power generators, and Ezra agrees. Before long, Azmorigan takes things into his own hands, capturing the two and stealing all of their shield generators. He's ripe with glee, until he notices one shield generator was missing. Chopper runs in to save the day, throwing the final shield generator at the unsuspecting troopers and freeing Ezra and Hondo.

The two struggle to get out of their restraints while Chopper has a field day. Wielding two serious weapons, a blaster rifle and a smaller pistol, he retracts his legs and goes on a wild shooting spree using a single wheel. Azmorigan runs in fear, while Chopper sends wave after wave of blaster fire in his direction. Azmorigan trips and his bag of credits flies in the air, which Hondo grabs. Hondo celebrates their triumph, saying, "I'm rich!" and within seconds later, yells, "I'm dead!" after nearly flying out of the side hatch. Ezra uses the Force to grab him before it’s too late, slowly lowering him back down onto the ship.

11 Chopper's leg theft

Chopper C110P Ugnaught Leg Strut Star Wars Rebels Forgotten Droid

In episode eighteen of season two, "The Forgotten Droid", the rebels have a meeting in an attempt to agree on a planetary system that they can use for a base. The Ghost crew stops to grab some fuel, and Chopper suddenly spots an exact replacement strut for one of his well-worn legs. He’s completely overwhelmed with excitement, but Hera reminds him that he needs to stay with the Ghost and monitor for any Imperial transmissions. Ezra and Zeb, are nonchalant, snickering a little bit at the poor droid, saying that he’s here to guard the ship, and not be a “Shopper”, har, har.

Ultimately, the droid can’t resist, and runs off to look at the leg. He tries to haggle with the shop owner, but to no avail. When the owner starts to help another customer, Chopper steals the leg and then realizes that the Ghost already flew off. On the run, Chopper takes the extra leg and stows aboard on a nearby freighter. What originally seemed like a yawn-inspiring filler episode quickly turned into a way for the rebels to finally secure a safe location for their base. We’ll get more into the details later down the list.

10 Chopper is the epitome of Bond, James Bond.

Chopper Space Imperial Undercover Red Black Star Wars Rebels

With the help of graffiti artist extraordinaire, Sabine Wren, Chopper repeatedly heads out in disguise as an Imperial droid. Sure, he’s a little small for a storm trooper… I mean, a typical Imperial droid, but his all black makeover has served its purpose on plenty of occasions. In episode five of season one, "Breaking Ranks", Ezra goes in disguise as a cadet at the Imperial Academy to steal a decoding device from Agent Kallus. Not to be outdone, Chopper also heads out undercover, with a brand new paint job from Sabine. With his new disguise, he's able to successfully navigate the hallways of the academy undiscovered, and also relay quick transmissions between Ezra and the Ghost crew.

In episode thirteen of season one, “Rebel Resolve”, Chopper plays a pivotal role while acting as an Imperial droid carrier with black and red tones. Although Chopper is definitely a menace on the Ghost, he certainly proved that he knows how to keep things sharp when he’s on a mission.

9 Chopper swindles Lando

Lando Ezra Zeb Chopper C110P Star Wars Rebels

In the Star Wars universe, few galactic entrepreneurs can come close to the swindling smuggler, Lando Calrissian. Unless, that is, they’re not even human at all, and they’re equipped with miniscule mechanical arms. Those arms were inspired by early Ralph McQuarrie art for R2-D2, which showed an astromech droid that had foldable arms which retracted from the top dome. 

Chopper showed everyone on the Ghost how it’s done when he actually turned the tables on Lando himself. Desperate for some fuel, the crew decides to help Lando get past an Imperial blockade. A slew of unfortunate events unfold, involving an adorable but seriously inconvenient pufferpig. In the end, they make it back to the farm in one piece, and Chopper cleverly reveals that he stashed the extra fuel on board. Sure, you could argue that Lando let him have it (as he says with a grin, waving them off), but we’d like to believe that Chopper had the upper hand with this one.

8 Chopper takes down an Imperial droid

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Episode 17 - Chopper

In episode eleven of season one, “Vision of Hope” the rebels try to save Gall Trayvis from the clutches of the Imperials. When the rebels receive a distress call from Trayvis, Ezra’s the first one to want to go to his aid. As always, Chopper’s down for the cause. At first, he acts as an innocent bystander, rolling over one of the nearby entrances to the sewer. When he spots a potential threat, in the form of an Imperial droid, he quickly dives into action.

Like a boss, he sends a wave of electric shocks to the unsuspecting droid, instantly paralyzing it. To get rid of the evidence, Chopper maneuvers a nearby control panel and opens the entrance to the sewer. In a blink of an eye, he throws the other droid down the pipe, right when the Ghost crew turns around the corner. As Ezra, Sabine, Hera, and Zeb head down into the sewer, Kanan tells Chopper to stay there, just in case they need backup. Before he finishes his sentence, Chopper abruptly closes the hatch, while Kanan yells out to him in frustration. Talk about Chopper, unleashed!

7 Chopper dismantles Ketsu’s guns and saves Sabine.

Blood Sisters Chopper C110P Space Ketsu Onyo Sabine Wren

In episode seven of season two, "Blood Sisters", Sabine is reunited with her old friend, Ketsu Onyo. Chopper comes along for the ride, and the episode explores some of Sabine’s backstory. While trying to reclaim the EG-86 droid from Sabine, Chopper gets thrown out of the ship by Ketsu and accidentally drifts in space. Sabine distracts her attention and Chopper quickly dismantles all of the weaponry on Ketsu's ship. Ketsu threatens to shoot Sabine's ship to pieces, but Chopper saved the day by sabotaging the guns.

An Imperial ship appears, opening fire on both ships, and suddenly Sabine is knocked unconscious by the blasts. Chopper refuses to leave the ship without his friend, and Ketsu eventually has a change of heart and saves Sabine. By the end, she refers to Sabine as a little sister again. Sabine forgives her past wrongdoings and gives her a chance to join the rebel cause.

6 Chopper puts Ezra on blast

Ghost Crew Sabine Ezra Zeb Kanan Hera Chopper C110P Star Wars Rebels

In episode eight of season two, "Stealth Strike" the Empire unveils a new tactic, pulling ships directly from hyperspace using gravity wells. After Ezra is captured by the Imperials through this stealthy new trick, Hera sends Kanan and Rex to rescue him. Zeb supplies two sets of Stormtrooper armor for the two to wear as a disguise, while Chopper goes undercover again, with a fresh black paint job from Sabine.

Little do they know, Ezra quickly escapes his cell with a little help from his mind tricks. Caught up in the frenzy of battle, Ezra shoots at two unsuspecting troopers heading around the corner, when in fact, he actually just shot down his own master and pal Rex. The two eventually come to, groggily asking him, “What happened?” Ezra makes up a quick lie, but Chopper essentially cuts to the heart of the matter. He blasts a hologram image of Ezra shooting a series of blasts at the two, showing their bodies landing in a heap on the floor, playing it on a loop for them to see. In typical Chopper fashion, the droid manages to save the day by ultimately reversing the entire tractor beam between the two starships.

5 Chopper destroys Hondo’s bugged transmitter

Lasat Chopper C110P Ezra Zeb Hera Kanan Legends Star Wars Rebels

In episode thirteen of season two, “Legends of the Lasat”, Hondo sends Ezra a tip regarding two elderly Lasats. Working with Ezra and the Ghost crew, Chopper is certainly no stranger to helping the crew out with communications. When Ezra heads over to investigate about two possible Lasats, Chopper’s on board. Later though, things turn out foul when Agent Kallus captures Hondo and forces him to reveal their whereabouts. Little did they know, the transmitter that Hondo had given them for communication was actually bugged with a locator.

Kallus soon reaches them by way of his Imperial starship, and gloats, telling the rebels that there’s nowhere to run. Chopper and Ezra are furious that Hondo betrayed them, and Chopper immediately removes the transmitter from his shell and throws it onto the floor. Ezra stomps it out angrily, and the communication line is destroyed. Although they nearly get captured by Agent Kallus and his fleet, the crew emerge unscathed.

4 Chopper protects the Rebels on Lothal

On Guard Chopper Arms C110P Star Wars Rebels Ezra

In episode nine of season two, “Legacy”, Ezra finally comes closer to discovering the fate of his parents. The members of the Ghost crew take refuge in Ezra’s childhood home on Lothal, but they are soon tracked by a slew of Stormtroopers. Chopper, as usual, tries to buy the rebels some time in order to escape. The Stormtroopers start to cut through the middle of the door, but Chopper quickly begins to weld it close. A simple, but valiant effort, to be sure. It's the often overlooked moments like these that reveal how truly loyal Chopper is, despite his otherwise unruly personality.

Although he's most commonly known as Chopper, he also goes by a slew of other names, including Spectre 3, Chop, bucket of bolts. In addition to his arc welder, Chopper boasts a rocket booster, fire extinguisher and buzz saw as some of his more commonly used equipment. He's also equipped with a computer probe, which we've seen in play time and time again, along with a vicious electroshock prod that we've seen in action..

3 He sabotages Ezra’s Jedi training, over and over

Sabine Wren Star Wars Rebels Chopper C110P Ezra Bridger Trick

With Ezra’s current state of Jedi abilities, sometimes we easily forget that he’s still just a Padawan learner. In the beginning of episode three of season two, "Always Two There Are", Kanan tries to work with Ezra on levitating objects with the Force. Wanting to give him an extra challenge, Sabine whispered to Chopper, “Bolt ‘em down!” and he happily obliged. Ezra, concentrating with all his might, tried to use the force to lift Chopper but to no avail. Ezra finally gives up, feeling frustrated, while Rex tells him to remember to keep his eyes open. Sabine and Chopper burst into gales of laughter.

In episode four of season one, "Rise of the Old Masters", Ezra takes on a training that's akin to Luke's rigorous Jedi training with Yoda on Dagobah. He tries to steady himself with an unbalanced one arm handstand, while Kanan recites bits of Jedi philosophy. He decides to have Ezra dodge incoming bolts of blaster fire with a lightsaber. Simulating a fight, Chopper plays pitcher by madly winding up, spinning and then throwing salvage parts Ezra. Overwhelmed, Ezra gets thrown off the edge and falls into the clouds. Although things seem grim, he soon becomes saved by Kanan, who uses the Force to levitate him back up to the Ghost. Zeb brings him back inside, and Chopper rolls up, throwing another piece of salvage at him just for good measure.

2 Chopper takes control and destroys the final TIE fighter

In anticipation of the initial release of Star Wars Rebels, four animated shorts were released, including "The Machine in the Ghost" on August 11, 2014. When the Ghost is surprised by two attacking TIE fighters, Hera maintains the helm and Kanan heads over to handle the gun turret. The Ghost soon takes a hit, disabling the shields, and Hera barks at Chopper to repair them. Another blow renders the communication system utterly useless, and Hera tells Chopper to forget the shields and work on fixing the comms instead. Frustrated, the droid leaves the cockpit and heads to the back in order to begin work. As soon as he leaves, Kanan yells at him to go back to fixing the shield generator, and adds that Hera should work on flying better.

Chopper returns to the cockpit and relays his message. Hera scoffs and decides to take matters into her own hands, going for a jolting series of maneuvers around the TIE fighters. Hera ends up behind them and blasts one TIE out of commission. By this time, Chopper's seriously had enough with the telegram business, and the droid heads to another gun turret located on the Phantom, and with the simple pull of a lever, he destroys the last TIE fighter without any questions asked. When he returns to the cockpit, Kanan and Hera joke about how they destroyed the TIE fighters single handedly. Chopper makes some gestures of dismay, and they laugh and give him the credit he absolutely deserves.

1 He discovers the new location for the rebel base

Replacement Strut Leg Chopper C110P Star Wars Rebels Forgotten Droid

In episode eighteen of season two, “The Forgotten Droid”, Chopper truly gets some time to shine. After stealing a replacement strut for his badly damaged leg, Chopper stows away onto a nearby freighter. Little does he know, he actually finds himself on an Imperial cargo ship. In a surprising turn of events, he befriends an older inventory droid called AP-5. Chopper tells AP-5 that he was originally a war hero from the Clone Wars era, and he was saved from destruction by Hera. He shows AP-5 a hologram image of the Twi’lek wistfully, and explains how she found him on Lasan.

Chopper teaches the droid about free will, and devises a plan to capture the entire ship and head back to the rebels. The end up commandeering the entire cargo ship, trapping the Stormtroopers in a separate cargo area and then releasing them from a side hatch. When they're about to head out, the captain comes back to exact revenge. AP-5 inputs the coordinates for a safe rebel base called Atollon. In a daring move, Chopper uses his stolen leg to protect AP-5, who ends up getting fried by the captain. Not all is lost, however, when the rebels arrive on their new base, Sabine patches him up and AP-5 is back in action. We hope to see even more epic moments from Chopper in the upcoming episodes of Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels!


Star Wars Rebels season 3 continues next Saturday, October 1st at 8:30PM with ‘The Holocrons of Fate’ on Disney XD.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens in U.S. theaters on December 16, 2016, followed by Star Wars: Episode VIII on December 15, 2017, the Han Solo Star Wars Anthology film on May 25, 2018, Star Wars: Episode IX in 2019, and the third Star Wars Anthology film in 2020.

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