Smallville: 15 Worst Things That Happened To Chloe

Smallville Chloe Sullivan

Smallville delighted Superman fans for over 10 seasons on the WB and CW networks. The clever television adaptation of young Clark Kent (Tom Welling) followed the future Man of Steel, as he battled both puberty and the forces of evil.

Flanking Clark almost every step of the way were stalwart characters from the Superman mythology, including Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), Lana Lang (Kristen Kreuk), and Jonathan (John Schneider) & Martha Kent (Annette O’Toole).

But as showrunners Alfred Gough and Miles Millar were developing the story, they realized that an original character – a spunky sidekick – was needed to help Clark on his journey to becoming the Man of Tomorrow. Enter: Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack).

Mack’s brainy and ultra-inquisitive portrayal of Chloe made her an instant and enduring fan favorite. But considering she was just a human, with a meteor power for healing others, it’s a miracle she survived the show with all the crap that kept coming her way.

Here are the 15 Worst Things That Happened To Chloe Sullivan!

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Jimmy Olsen murdered on Smallville Chloe Sullivan
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15 Watched husband Jimmy Olsen being Murdered

Jimmy Olsen murdered on Smallville Chloe Sullivan

Not even the super-powered Clark Kent could save Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore) from the twisted serial killer Davis Bloome (Sam Witwer) on Smallville. In the season eight finale titled “Doomsday” (2009), believing that the human side of Davis could be saved, Clark decided to forgo killing him.

Rather, Clark had Chloe use Black Kryptonite to split Bloome from the Kryptonian killing machine, Doomsday. The ploy worked, but with dire consequences. While Clark battled Doomsday in the streets of Metropolis, Chloe was left alone with Davis and Jimmy.

It seemed that even without his ominous connection to Doomsday, Davis was still just as disturbed as ever. The serial killer in Bloome surfaced again and he slayed Jimmy right in front of Chloe’s eyes.

Fatally wounded, Jimmy summoned the strength to impale Davis before he could murder Chloe, too. With his dying breath Jimmy said, “I love you,” as he died in Chloe’s arms. Without her meteor powers to heal him, and with Clark refusing to use the Legion ring to go back in time and save Jimmy, Mr. Olsen perished.

14 Buried Alive!

Smallville Obscura Chloe and Clark

Being a teenager is tough enough, but poor Chloe Sullivan just couldn’t buy a break. In the season one episode of Smallville titled “Obscura” (2002), Chloe is abducted in the hospital parking lot after visiting an injured Lana Lang.

Deputy Gary Watts (Darrin Kilmek) wanted to be a famous officer, so he kidnapped Chloe and buried her alive. His plan was to suddenly discover and rescue her, which would have catapulted him into the limelight.

Unfortunately for Deputy Watts, Lana was temporarily endowed with the ability to locate Chloe, courtesy of the attacker’s POV. Clark raced to Chloe’s rescue and swiftly exhumed his best friend. Clark then had to save Lana when she was taken by Deputy Watts. In the end, Gary was gunned down by the police.

But it wasn’t all bad for Chloe. At the episode’s conclusion, Clark finally asked Chloe on a date to the Spring Formal.

13 Possessed by Brainiac

Smallville Chloe Brainiac

Chloe Sullivan’s troubles with Brainiac (James Marsters) came to a head when she confronted Kara (Laura Vandervoort) in the season seven final of Smallville titled “Arctic” (2008). Clark’s cousin Kara had been acting bizarrely, so Chloe tried to subdue her with Green Kryptonite.

It turned out that Brainiac was disguised as Kara, so the ploy failed. When Brainiac tried to connect with Chloe, her meteor powers went on the defensive and severely injured him. This allowed Clark to later defeat Brainiac, but part of Brainiac’s essence secretly joined with Sullivan. As season eight began, Chloe found her intellect was growing exponentially.

During the conclusion of the episode “Bride” (2008), Doomsday (Sam Witwer) took Chloe to the Fortress of Solitude where she finally became Brainiac. In the next episode “Legion” (2009), it took Clark and the Legion of Super-Heroes to free Chloe and finally defeat Brainiac.

12 Kidnapped by Doomsday on her Wedding Day

Smallville Bride Chloe and Jimmy

Here comes the bride - and Doomsday! In the season eight episode “Bride” (2008), Chloe Sullivan and Jimmy Olsen finally tied the knot. It was a low-key affair with family and friends gathering in the Kent barn. Even Lana Lang found her way back to Smallville for the event. Before Miss Lang’s arrival, Lois Lane (Erica Durance) almost kissed Clark.

That probably would have been the biggest shocker of the mid-season finale, if not for a very peeved Doomsday. Davis Bloome just couldn’t let things lie when it came to Sullivan. Davis had feelings for Chloe, so once he learned of the pending nuptials, he just snapped.

Enraged, Davis transformed into Doomsday and crashed the wedding. With Clark incapacitated by Kryptonite, Davis injured Jimmy and kidnapped the new bride. Doomsday transported Chloe to the Fortress of Solitude, where she finally transformed into Brainiac.

11 Captured by Checkmate

Smallville Chloe captured by Checkmate

Chloe Sullivan’s connection to Clark Kent almost cost her dearly in the season nine episode “Checkmate” (2010). The White Queen, aka Amanda Waller (Pam Grier), kidnapped Chloe to get to the Blur.

The leader of Checkmate was prepared to kill Chloe if Clark didn’t cooperate. Her demands were for not only Clark to join her elite team, but for him to also give up the names and locations of all the so-called Justice League members.

The black-clad blur sped in to save the day, but didn’t know where Chloe was being held hostage, until the Martian Manhunter (Phil Morris) set off the facility’s alarms. Clark homed in one of the cronies keeping Chloe captive, courtesy of a secret communication. Clark hurried into the secret room, overpowered the guards and helped Chloe to safety.

10 Made an enemy of Lionel Luthor

Smallville Chloe and Lionel Luthor

During the early seasons of Smallville, Lionel Luthor (John Glover) was particularly interested in the secrets being concealed by Clark Kent. Lionel’s cunning and ability for manipulation manifested itself to Chloe Sullivan when he offered her a writing column at the Daily Planet.

Lionel knew that Chloe was not only close to Clark, but that she was more than a little annoyed by the fact that she had been spurned for Lana Lang. Chloe was also angry that Clark was keeping something from her. But things got completely out of control when Chloe’s newfound ability to compel others to tell the truth led to Lionel confessing to having Morgan Edge (Rutger Hauer) murder his parents.

Once Chloe joined forces with Lex to put Lionel behind bars, it all the hit the fan. Chloe nearly died from making Lionel an enemy, which made the fact that she and Clark actually worked with a reformed Lionel in future episodes all the stranger.

9 Almost Froze to Death at the Fortress of Solitude

Smallville Chloe Fortress of Solitutde

At the conclusion of season four of Smallville, Clark Kent stood in the Kawatche Caves ready to transport to the arctic for the first time. As he stood in the brilliant energy, Lex Luthor approached. Chloe quickly shoved Lex into a rock to subdue him, but the powerful beam took Chloe on a ride north with Clark.

In the season five episode “Arrival” (2005), Clark used the Kryptonian crystal to create the Fortress of Solitude. Not knowing that Chloe was also in the arctic, Clark began training with Jor-El (voiced by Terence Stamp) to become Superman. Freezing outside in the unforgiving elements, Chloe managed to find her way into the Fortress.

Clark got her to a hospital, and he finally realized that his best friend had discovered his secret sometime before. It was a milestone moment for the show. Clark’s sidekick was well on her way to being a valued ally to the young Superman and the future Justice League.

8 Lost her Memory

Smallville Chloe Abyss

Chloe’s connection with Brainiac becomes all too dangerous in the season eight episode “Abyss” (2008). After her freakish encounter with the Kryptonian monster at the end of season seven, Chloe’s intellect grew exponentially. In fact, if not for her new Kryptonian knowledge, Clark, Lois and Kara might never have escaped the Phantom Zone in the episode “Bloodline” (2008).

However, the bad started to outweigh the good once the Brain InterActive Construct began replacing Chloe’s memories with Kryptonian code. One by one, she began to forget those closest to her, including Clark and Jimmy.

Desperate to help her, Clark took Chloe to the Fortress where Jor-El could free Miss Sullivan of Brainiac’s control. However, it was only temporary. Brainiac returned after Chloe and Jimmy’s wedding, and it took the combined talents of Clark and the Legion of Superheroes to finally break Brainiac’s hold on Chloe.

7 Transformed into a Witch

Chloe turned into a real witch in the season four episode “Spell” (2004). Lana Lang’s ancestor Margaret Isobel Thoreaux used a magic spell to bring herself and two allies back to life following a fiery death in the early 17th century.

In modern day Smallville, Thoreaux took over the body of Lana, while her friends Madelyn and Brianna used Chloe and Lois Lane’s vessels respectively. And since magic is one of Clark Kent’s weaknesses, the young Man of Steel had a hard time thwarting the three witches.

In the DVD commentary, Allison Mack mentioned how it was Tom Welling’s idea to have Clark try to reach out to Chloe for help when the witches were torturing young Kent. Of course, it didn’t help, but Clark soon regained his powers and was able to use his heat vision to burn the spellbook and set his friends free.

6 Gained The Power To Compel The Truth

Smallville Chloe Truth

Kryptonite gas showered Chloe in the season three episode “Truth” (2004), and suddenly endowed Miss Sullivan with the power to compel the truth from people. Of course, her new abilities didn't work on Clark Kent but she got into plenty of trouble anyway.

First, she was shocked to discover that Pete (Sam Jones III) had feelings for her. That took Chloe by surprise, but she pressed on. Furious over her father being laid off, Chloe confronted Lionel Luthor.

Not only did Lionel admit to blackballing Mr. Sullivan, but he also admitted to hiring Morgan Edge to kill his own parents. This deteriorated Lionel and Chloe’s already rocky relationship radically.

Chloe’s growing headaches, which were a side effect of the new power, turned deadly and almost killed her. Luckily, Clark administered an antidote just in time to save her.

5 Almost Killed by Jack the Ripper

Smallville Cure Chloe and Dean Cain

Former Superman actor Dean Cain, of Lois and Clark (1993-1997) fame, became a thorn in the side of Chloe Sullivan in the season seven episode “Cure” (2007). Guest starring as the diabolical Curtis Knox (CK), Cain’s character harvested the organs of meteor freaks to try and save his lover’s eternal life.

Desperate to find a way to cure her meteor-inflicted condition, Chloe turned to Dr. Knox for help. Unfortunately, the only thing Knox was interested in was stealing Chloe’s heart, literally. Strapped to the doctor’s table, Knox prepared to operate when he revealed that immortality wasn’t his only secret. In fact, Knox was also Jack the Ripper.

Clark arrived in time to thwart Knox, but CK’s equipment was damaged. Powerless, the corrupt doctor watched in horror as his true love Sofia (Natalia Minuta) passed away.

4 Woke up in the Morgue

Smallville Chloe Bizarro

Chloe Sullivan’s meteor powers killed her at the end of season six, when she used her abilities to save her cousin Lois Lane from a fatal stab wound. As the season finale “Phantom” (2007) unfolded, Lois woke to find Chloe dead.

After battling with Bizarro to open the season seven premiere, Clark raced Chloe to the hospital where she was pronounced dead and sent to the morgue. However, Chloe’s powers eventually brought her back to life. Scared and confused, Chloe screamed as she awoke in a mortuary refrigerator drawer.

Clark heard her cries with his super-hearing, and raced to her side. Relieved that she was still alive, Chloe nervously stared at Clark. About that time, Chloe noticed the tag attached to her toes. “But I wasn’t alive, was I?”

3 Meteor Freak!

Smallville Chloe Freak

Chloe Sullivan discovered that she was infected by Kryptonite in the season six episode of Smallville titled “Freak” (2007). Lex Luthor had been busy trying to track so-called meteor freaks. With the help of a young blind kid named Tobias (Greyston Holt), one of Lex’s associates Dr. Bethany (Adrian Hough) uncovered Chloe’s secret.

Tobias couldn’t see, but he had the ability to detect humans who were infected by meteor rocks. The boy saw Chloe had been exposed to Kryptonite, so Miss Sullivan was abducted.

Later, Clark used his x-ray vision to discover a tracking device under her collar bone. Deducing that the meteor infected were being murdered, Clark reluctantly used his heat vision to remove the GPS bomb from Chloe’s body. Scared that she would be rejected, especially by her boyfriend Jimmy Olsen, Chloe kept her secret from Jimmy until the season seven episode “Gemini” (2007).

2 Unrequited Love

Chloe Sullivan definitely had the hots for young Clark Kent, but the boy who would become Superman was always infatuated with Lana Lang. However, in the earliest episodes of Smallville, Lana’s relationship with Whitney Fordman (Eric Johnson) opened the door for Chloe.

Clark finally asked Chloe out on a date to the Spring Formal, at the conclusion of season one. But after abandoning her at the dance in order to save Lana from the tornado outbreak, Chloe was resoundingly ditched. The initial tension between Clark and his best friend eventually led Chloe to join forces with Lionel Luthor. But Chloe eventually came to her senses and stopped investigating Clark.

During the season five final “Vessel” (2006), Chloe thought the world was ending. She summoned the courage and kissed Clark before he went to battle Brainiac. This was as close to a romantic relationship that Clark and Chloe ever got though, as she moved on to Jimmy Olsen in season six. Eventually, during season 10, Chloe found true love in the arms of Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley).

1 Died

Chloe Smallville Pandora

Chloe Sullivan was the best friend Clark Kent could have had. Being Superman’s sidekick had its perks, but Chloe found herself coming face to face with death on more than one occasion.

In the season six episode “Labyrinth” (2007), one of the prisoners from the Phantom Zone tried to take over Clark’s body through a series of bizarre fantasies. The Martian Manhunter (Phil Morris) came to Kent’s aid, but in one of the more painful memories Clark watched as Chloe was gunned down and killed. Fortunately, it was just a nightmare.

In the season seven premiere “Bizarro” (2007), Chloe was rushed to the hospital after using her meteor powers to save Lois from the clutches of death. However, it cost Chloe her life. After her death, Chloe woke in the morgue. Clark heard her cries for help and rushed to help her.

In the season nine episode “Pandora” (2009), Zod came to power in a horrifying future. Chloe was murdered by Alia (Monique Ganderton) as Lois watched. Clark was able to thwart Zod before dying, and used the Legion ring to send Lois back to the past to save them all.


Can you think of another time Chloe was unlucky on Smallville? Sound off in the comments!

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