Chloe Moretz Joining 'The Hunger Games'? [Updated]

'Kick-Ass' actress Chloe Moretz says she's 'booked a huge project.' Could she be the latest addition to the cast of Gary Ross' 'Hunger Games' movie?

[UPDATE: It seems that Chloe Moretz' "huge project" might actually be Tim Burton's Dark Shadows adaptation. Scroll down for more information.]

Since Jennifer Lawrence officially landed the role of Katniss Everdeen in director Gary Ross' The Hunger Games adaptation, attention has shifted towards prospective actors in contention for the parts of significant male characters like Peeta and Gale.

However, there's also the role of Katniss' younger sister, Primrose (Prim for short) to consider as well. Reading between the lines of recent comments by Kick-Ass' Hit Girl (14-year-old actress Chloe Moretz), it's possible that Ross may have already found his Prim.

Moretz revealed to MTV recently that she's "just booked a huge project... You're gonna die when you find out, it's huge!" There are obviously numerous films that the young starlet could be referring to - for all we know right now, the project in question could be Superman: Man of Steel - but Moretz' past connection to the Hunger Games adaptation makes that the most likely (and obvious) possibility for the time being.

For those unfamiliar with Suzanne Collins' original novel: the plot of the dystopian story is set in motion when Prim is selected to participate in the titular competition, a gladiatorial-style match in which teens fight one another to the death to illustrate the ruling government's might. Katniss decides to save her sibling from a potentially terrible fate and enters The Hunger Games herself.

While the casting of Moretz in a smaller part like Prim might seem curious, it ought to be mentioned that the character plays a much more significant role in the third Hunger Games novel, "Mockingjay" - and Lionsgate is definitely making plans to turn the entirety of Collins' trilogy into a blockbuster film franchise.

Chloe Moretz Hit Girl Kick-Ass
Moretz in 'Kick-Ass'.

Moretz has garnered numerous accolades for her performances in films like 500 Days of Summer, Kick-Ass, and Let Me In over the past couple of years. The role of Prim in The Hunger Games would be slightly different since it would involve Moretz playing more of a regular teen girl, as opposed to one who seems wise beyond her years, is a deadly foul-mouthed assassin, a centuries-old vampire, or a quirky character archetype in an indie rom-com. ;-)

Lawrence and Moretz are also both the proper age and possess the right looks to be convincing as a pair of sisters onscreen. While a number of fans have already decried the casting of Lawrence as Katniss - enough to prompt public rebuttals from both Gary Ross and Suzanne Collins - her being set for the role makes the casting of Moretz as Prim all the more reasonable.

We'll let you know what project Moretz is set to join, be it The Hunger Games or not, when more information is released.

Update: It seems that Moretz may actually be starring in Tim Burton's Dark Shadows adaptation, which begins filming soon. This rumor can be traced back to an IMDB post that broke word of Thomas McDonell joining Dark Shadows two days before the news became official.

Here's what the post says (via Badass Digest and /Film):

Please don't quote me on this, but I heard from a fairly reliable inside source that Chloe Moretz (Kick Ass, Let Me In) is going to play Carolyn (which surprised me a bit), and that Thomas McDonell (Disney's upcoming Prom) is going to play "young Barnabas," which makes sense as he does definitely resemble Johnny Depp...

Anyway, I'm fairly certain this is good info, but I guess we'll find out for sure soon enough!

Source: MTV

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