Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Photos Introduce Weird Sisters & More

Warlocks, witches and moody teenagers collide in new images from Netflix's The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina TV series. An adaptation of the comic book brand created by Archie Comics CCO Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Robert Hack, Chilling Adventures puts a much darker spin on Sabrina the Teenage Witch and her friends than the 1990s TV sitcom of the same name did. The show itself is run by Aguirre-Sacasa, who also oversees The CW TV series Riverdale (a similarly pulpy take on the traditionally sunnier Archie Comics).

Kiernan Shipke (Mad Men) stars in Chilling Adventures as Sabrina Spellman, a half-human and half-witch who does her best to pass for a "normal" sophomore at Baxter High... when she's not protecting our world from the forces of darkness, that is. Austin & Ally's Ross Lynch costars in the series as Harvey Kinkle, a "dreamboat and a dreamer" (per the character's official description) who's dating Sabrina and is completely unaware of her witchy side of the family. Suffice it to say, complications ensue.

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The official Chilling Adventures of Sabrina trailer released last week, providing a sneak peek at Sabrina, Harvey, and the many other characters that populate the show's universe. Among those who appeared in the trailer were the Weird Sisters Agatha (Adeline Rudolph), Dorcas (Abigail Cowen) and Prudence (Tati Gabrielle), a trio of teen witches who attend the Academy of Unseen Arts and look down on Sabrina, due to her being half-human. For an even better look at the trio and much more, check out the new Chilling Adventures image below.

Among the other Chilling Adventures players featured in these photos are Sabrina's witchy aunts Hilda (Lucy Davis) - a sorceress with a "warm sense of humor [and] a wicked, ghoulish streak" - and Zelda (Miranda Otto), a "sterner" spell-caster who is "very much Cain to Hilda’s Abel". These images also offer a better look at Jaz Sinclair (Slender Man) and Lachlan Watson (Nashville) as Sabrina's BFFs Rosalind ("the outspoken daughter of Greendale's minister") and Susie, a young woman who deals with "a terrifying supernatural threat" at home, when she's not running Baxter High's WICCA club.

Of course, no fairy tale is complete without some villains and antagonists, and Chilling Adventures has plenty of both. Among the ones pictured in these new images are Father Blackwood (Richard Coyle), the "ruthless and ambitious" High Priest of the Church of Night and Dean of the Academy of the Unseen Arts; Mary Wardwell (Michelle Gomez), Sabrina's favorite teacher at Baxter High, who becomes poised by the wicked Madam Satan; and Nicholas Scratch (Gavin Leatherwood), a handsome young warlock and "acolyte of Sabrina’s father’s teachings" who has some (spooky) chemistry with the Teen Witch. Last, but certainly not least, there's Ambrose Spellman (Chance Perdomo) - Sabrina's cousin and a warlock who's "witty, puckish, and pan-sexual" and always in the mood for trouble.

As these photos and character descriptions illustrate, Chilling Adventures will very much be an ensemble show in the same vein as Riverdale. Considering how well the show's trailers and related marketing material has been received by the latter's fanbase thus far, it seems safe to assume there will be a sizable audience eager and ready to join Sabrina on her (chilling) adventures, when the series launches next month.

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The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina begins streaming on Netflix just in time for Halloween on Friday, October 26.

Source: Netflix

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