Chilling Adventures of Sabrina TV Show Concept Art Goes Into the Woods

Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa is giving us a first look at the eerie concept art behind his new series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. The upcoming series, which is a spin-off of the hit CW series Riverdale set in the Archie Comics universe, received a 2-season, 20-episode order from Netflix earlier in the month.

While there was speculation for a while that the title character Sabrina might show up in the town of Riverdale, it was officially announced in September that The CW was developing a new series starring the teenage witch. Of course a lot has changed since then. Warner Bros. moved the series from The CW to Netflix so they could retain 100-percent ownership of the show (unlike Riverdale, which half-owned by CBS). So far, we know we know the series will be based on the Chilling Adventures comic (which came out in 2014) and will follow young witch Sabrina Spellman during her teenage years in the 1960s, living with her aunts Hilda and Zelda, as well as her cousin Ambrose, in the town of Greendale. We also character descriptions that were released for casting purposes and reveal the personalities of the series' main characters.

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Producer and writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has now unveiled the first Chilling Adventures of Sabrina concept art via Twitter, with a piece of art titled 'Woods Vision Concept'. In the image, we see Sabrina wearing her signature black sweater with the bold yellow letter 'B' and white bobbed hair, as she comes across a large bonfire in the twisted woods. Check out the concept art, below.

The trees are style very Halloween-esque and look large and imposing next to the small Sabrina, who seems to be gazing into the fire. There is also an eerie red glow on the trees making the scene look quite hellish, which is interesting considering the moment is described as a "vision". That leads us to believe that otherworldly dark forces are going to be infiltrating Sabrina's mind during the first season of Chilling Adventures.

While we can't wait to see the series come together, we are also excited and curious to see how The CW and Netflix are going to bring together Riverdale and Sabrina if they decide to create an extended universe similar to the Arrow-verse across the two very different platforms with a show that has magic and one that doesn't. We have already seen some Sabrina easter-eggs this season on Riverdale, when we learned that Miss Grundy had been living in Greendale since she left Riverdale back in season 1. As such, it's already been established that Greendale is located across Sweetwater River from The Town With Pep.

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Source: Roberto Aguirre Sacasa

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